Why Does My Cat Sit on My Lap When I Pee?

Cats are fluffy enigmas intent on prying love right out of their owners hearts after theyve fed them, of course. Though there are so many unsolved feline mysteries, one of the strangest is their obsession with the bathroom specifically, why cats seem hell-bent on following their humans to the toilet. A cat scientist and wildlife biologist tell Inverse the only way to understand this strange behavior might be to peer right into a cats cunning little mind and you might not find answers there, either.

Lap sitting is really popular in the loo I assume this is characteristic opportunist behavior to find the warmest spot in the house and exploit the attention of their human servants, Cancellare tells Inverse .

Why does my cat always sit on my lap when I pee?

That’s ideal from the cat’s perspective for controlling the interaction —the human can’t easily escape, so kitty can approach or stay out of reach as she prefers. Cats that insist on lap-sitting time may be frustrated in other parts of the house if you often instead give attention to a magazine, book or laptop computer.

Why does my cat protect me when I pee?

Privacy for cats is all about safety. We may think of our cats as predators, but given their small size they are also prey and they know it. … When a cat is urinating or defecating he feels vulnerable. Cats seek out private places to do their business so that they don’t have to worry about someone sneaking up on them.

What does it mean when a cat chooses to sit on your lap?

In addition to trusting you and wanting your attention, a cat sitting on your lap usually means that they like you ! Lots of cats choose a favorite human. Cats have many ways of showing their affection, like purring, nudging you, and sitting in your lap. It’s high praise coming from a cat.

Why has my cat suddenly started sitting on my lap?

Cats like to sit on laps because they feel secure and safe near you. They may be trying to warm themselves up or are coming to you for attention. Once they feel satisfied, they’ll often leave to do something far more interesting.

Cats tend to get stereotyped as being aloof and acting like they couldnt care less about what their humans are doing. But swaths of cat owners the world over know this couldnt be further from the truth. There are cats that, like dogs, follow their humans everywhere. And we mean everywhere especially the bathroom.

Veterinarian Dr. Kathryn Primm writes that without you, your cat might suddenly feel vulnerable and susceptible to attack from an unknown predator. So when you disappear behind a closed door, they might feel less safe than normal and as such seek you out to continue to take advantage of the comfort and safety you provide them.

He’s a handsome boy with a really beautiful personality. Absolute people cat who’s always nearby, stays glued to me when I‘m sick, absolutely adores my daughter, but only jumps on my lap on the toilet

Do you have potty buddies? Do your cats love bathrooms? Does your cat follow you to the bathroom, paw-pat under the toilet door, yowl for attention when you want privacy? Whats up with that?! Why do cats love bathrooms?

Thats ideal from the cats perspective for controlling the interactionthe human cant easily escape, so kitty can approach or stay out of reach as she prefers. The felines that snuggle in your rumpled tidy whities draped around your ankles offer another type of complimentbasking in your most personal aroma to be as near their beloved human as possible.

The longer you spend inside the room and then emerge, the more powerful lesson cats learn that paw-pat persistence and kitty complaints eventually will garner success.

Why Cats Follow Us to Bathrooms

Human bathrooms are often the coolest place in the home because of the tile, small space, and fewer windows. Cats tend to be furry heat-seeking missiles that relish lounging in warm places, but a few—my Seren is one—enjoy cool spots. These kitties seem to appreciate spending time on cool tile, damp towels, or other slick or cool surfaces. For older cats suffering from the health condition called hyperthyroidism, the metabolism goes into overdrive and heats up the kitty so hyperthyroid cats often seek out cool resting places.Cats also are instinctively drawn to high perches like countertops that they associated as safe. They chain behaviors that link one action to another in a particular routine. And cats LOVE routine, so once a behavior sequence becomes a habit (especially if there’s a benefit for kitty), your pet will repeat the routine over and over again.Cats never do anything unless it’s of benefit to them, and they are rewarded in some form or fashion. For instance, when you awake in the morning and run to brush your teeth (before filling the cat food bowl), it only takes a couple of days for cats to remember the routine and race you to the bathroom first. So let’s put all this together, and answer the question, why are cats avid potty buddies?