Why Does My Cat Rub His Face on Everything?

Watching cats is a window into a most mysterious world. My household is always abuzz with my cats antics. Its often loud with the smashing and crashing of rambunctious play there goes a vase! I knew I should have moved the lamp. But during their quieter moments is when things get really interesting. My two big toms walk around the house rubbing their faces on doorways, the corner of the couch, coffee table legs and seemingly every item they can reach. They especially take delight in rubbing their faces against my patient senior dog. This cat face rubbing also extends to me. My hands when Im writing, my face when were chilling and my feet when Im in bed. So, lets find out why do cats rub their faces on you and whats the difference between rubbing their faces on your face and the end table?

Many cats rub their faces on things and people. It’s one of those behaviors cats do that’s adorable and heart-warming, but humans may not understand the exact reasoning behind it.

These communally-rubbed items tend to be in high-traffic areas of the home and often jut out or are otherwise conspicuous , like furniture arms, bookshelves, and the corners of the wall.

You dont have to be a cat enthusiast to know that they love rubbing their faces on pretty much anything that is nearby. You can even catch big cats like Tigers rubbing on rocks and each other sometimes.

From marking their scent and tracking the time to showing affection or needing attention, its no secret that cats love to bunt.

Cats Have Scent Glands on Their Faces

Cats haveWhen another cat comes along and smells the spot the first cat rubbed on, they can probably get someCats usually like toMale cats have a tendency to rub their faces on things more than most females do. This could be because they are