Why Does My Cat Bring Me Socks?

All cat owners have experienced their cats bringing them random things as gifts. It could be a dead rat, their toys or other items. While most find it cute, your cat most likely has a message for you. How about when your cat brings you socks? Does it mean anything at all?

It was observed that spayed female cats were more likely to bring gifts like mangled rats and this may be due in part to instinct. Cat experts believe that felines like to bring socks or other items to their humans as part of a toss and fetch game.

Playtime for domestic cats usually gives clues on their hunting behavior and it is normal for them to carry around prey in their mouths such as socks or toys . Similarly, it is instinctive for cats to bring their prey to safe locations where they are supposed to eat it. How many times have you discovered your cat placing socks and other items in a cardboard box or water bowl?

Nevertheless, while it may bother you sometimes if your cat rummages and brings your socks over to you, there is no need to worry about her behavior so long as she is not trying to eat it. These may include plastic grocery bags, leaves, kitchen sponges, mittens, shoes and underwear, to name a few. Cats tend to bring random things back to their owners as their way of presenting their catch for the day.

Why do cats bring you socks?

Cats tend to bring random things back to their owners as their way of presenting their “catch” for the day. … Your cat may bring you socks as she may want to play fetch with you and to “teach” you how to hunt as part of her predatorial instinct. She may also be doing it out of sheer fun and to catch your attention.

Why does my cat bring me things?

Cats bring you items because they instinctively see you as part of their colony. Among feral cats in the wild, surplus prey is shared among the colony so that all members can be fed even if they’re not currently able to hunt.

Why does my cat take my dirty socks?

Cats react to human pheromones the same way they react to catnip, so they love on our socks and shoes because the pheromones have that same effect. It comes down to this: Our cats love socks and shoes because they’re smelly. They carry all kinds of scents that we either can’t smell, or would rather not smell.

Why do cats carry things in their mouth and meow?

Mother cats often bring prey to the nest for their kittens to practice their hunting skills on. When they do so, the mothers often announce their arrival to the kittens by meowing with the prey in their mouths. … For a kitten, it may be a toy instead of real prey but the pride is the same.

While I’m not really concerned about this behaviour, I’m really curious why my cat does this. He’s an 8 year old tomcat, very gentle and sweet, and quite free of any serious bad habits.

Usually we have just come home from work to find pieces of dirty loundry in the hallway, or occasionally in the living room. One of my cats that is now gone, used to steal watches, rings and jewelry and run upstairs and dump them in the litter pan- LOL I miss Ripley!The behavior you are discussing is really just their prey drive.

It started with him rummaging through garbage to find toilet paper rolls, which he would carry all around the house meowing all the while. He eventually started carrying around my mother’s pairs of socks, panty hoes, slippers, and and old stuffed animal snake i had as a child.

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It is so bizarre but hilarious, I can’t help but laugh when I see my big brute of a cat marching by with lacey panties in his mouth The others chose other things, one used crumpled cigarette packs (left over from when I used to smoke) one used his fur mice, and the current kitty who does this uses a place mat or a small cloth tote bag.

I had a regular ol’ domestic short hair, neutered…and he would pull a slipper of mine out from under the bed, while I was sitting in the living room. Then drag it into the living room in front of me, and lie on the floor chewing on it and clawing it with his back legs.

Why does my cat bring me socks?

A cat may bring you socks for the following reasons: