Why Do Dogs Roll in Dirt?

Q. Dear Marie, I have a situation that I hope you can help me with. Every time my dog goes outside following getting a bath, she immediately looks for something disgusting to roll in. (And unfortunately, shes usually successful.) She finds cat poop, dead things, rotten fruit, anything that is smelly, and rolls in it like its the best thing ever. Now, you might be thinking I have a disgusting back yard. Well I dont! But somehow, if there is something decaying back there, my dog will find it. I like to let her outside to air-dry after a bath because she hates getting blow-dried. But it defeats the purpose of bathing when she does this. So I have two questions. Why is she doing this and how can I stop her? Thanks, Amber

Some believe it traces back to a hunting instinct whereby rolling in dead things, feces, and rotting organic matter masks their scent and allows them to sneak up on prey completely undetected.

Dogs love to roll around on their backs. Weve all seen them throw themselves on the grass or the carpet and going bananas. Normally we assume this is either an itch relief technique or some kind of scent marking thing, but there is actually a number of explanations for their behavior.

Youve just given your dog a bath when it suddenly bolted outdoors and got back looking like a muddy seal. Almost every dog owner has been there, including me. I cant help but wonder, why does my dog roll in the dirt? This behavior is tied to a canines survival instinct or just the fact that it loves the smell of dirt.

Dogs exhibit a slew of weird behavior, so rolling in the dirt isnt that surprising. Aside from mud, dogs will roll on freshly mowed grass and just about anything with an organic smell that will let them blend with the environment.

My dog Sherlock is crazy about lakes, ponds, and even rain puddles as if its his job to roll on each one of them. Take note that if your dog is seeking water to cool down, you should take it to a ventilated and shaded area. You might inadvertently rewarding the behavior by laughing, petting your dog, or simply making a loud sound.

Ticks and fleas can harbor on the ground, especially if the soil is moist and located in a cool area. If your dog tends to seek muddy spots or bodies of water, it will help a lot to keep the canine leashed. My dog Sherlock loves rolling on the ground and eating goose poop , so we always keep him leashed whenever we visit a nearby lake.

Take it to walks around the neighborhood, play Frisbee in your yard, and other activities that will drain your dogs energy.

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We partner with Classy Canine Cuts so we can offer our patients quality grooming services for all breeds of dogs. If they smell like the ground, predators wont notice their scent.

After a bath a dog could feel especially exposed due to their new smell. They might display similar behavior in the house after a walk in the rain. This is why its important to follow the directions on your dogs shampoo and keep it away from their ears.

They are Hiding from Would-be Predators.

Dogs could be using the mud as some kind of camouflage. Dogs use their sense of smell more than any other sense. So, in the dog community, hiding your scent is the best way to hide. If they smell like the ground, predators won’t notice their scent.After a bath a dog could feel especially exposed due to their new smell. The mud is a great way for them to hide it, but they can’t hide it from this veterinarian in Little Rock.

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Dirt can be Used for Drying-off Fur.

Rolling in the dirt could be a way that dogs like to dry off. They might display similar behavior in the house after a walk in the rain.Dogs don’t like having water in their ears. This is why it’s important to follow the directions on your dog’s shampoo and keep it away from their ears. The rolling could be their way of getting any water out of their ears. This is a common question that could be asked to your veterinarian in Little Rock.It’s also possible that your dog is rolling around because they are excited to be done with the stressful event of being bathed. Being restrained in a bath can be especially stressful for a dog. Many dog owners have a hard time giving their dogs a bath. They need to release the nervous energy. What do you call it when your dog runs around the house like crazy?

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