Why Do Dogs Chase Cars?

A car passed by and your dog, without a hesitation, suddenly darted off and chased the moving vehicle. You know this behavior can be annoying and worse, dangerous.

Dogs wont gain anything from chasing vehicles and they definitely just put their lives at risk. This refers to their desire to run after rabbits, hunt gazelles, and chase squirrels.

Cars can be noisy and they sound like an animal growling when the engine is turned on. The feeling of being able to chase down cars with the wind blowing on their face could be too enjoyable for your pooch not to ignore a passing vehicle. As you can imagine, your dog may run into traffic and get injured or worse, killed.

Why do dogs get scared or chase cars?

When dogs are scared and have had a negative experience with something, they can become anxious and react. Maybe a loud car zoomed pass your dog and scared him one day, or your dog is just scared of fast-moving objects near him. … Aggression, such as lunging and barking at cars, is a symptom of anxiety.

Why do dogs lunge at cars?

Dogs that lunge at cars and people are reactive, meaning they are reacting to a fear or aggression it associates with the object or person. If you tense up or freak out, the dog is more likely to tense up or freak out as well. Stay calm and speak to your dog in a regular voice, don’t shriek or yell.

Chasing cars is a part of some dogs natural instinct. For others, its a habit formed over years. As much fun as dogs have with chasing, it can be stressful for dog owners.

After using the clicker repeatedly, the dog will start associating it with good things like praise and food. Spend time throwing toys and letting your dog bring them back to you in a friendly game of fetch.

Playing tug of war with your dog is a good way to help them get rid of excess energy and use their problem-solving abilities. This gives dogs a chance to actively chase the prey in a fun and safe environment. Professionals trained in dog behavior can help you understand your pet and what motivates them to run after cars.

Continued Some pet stores sell items meant to deter your dog from poor behavior. Consult a professional dog behaviorist to be sure deterrents youre considering arent harmful to your pet.

Most of us have experienced this but probably never gave it a serious thought. But you will be surprised to know that there are legit reasons behind this chasing behaviour of dogs. Read on to know more.

Dogs are social creatures and when they feel lonely they just pass their time simply by barking at people or chasing vehicles.

Does your dog chase cars, bikes, skateboarders, squirrels, or other wildlife? You arent alone. Chasing is part of a dogs natural instinct, but its also one of the most frustrating behaviors for dog owners and it can be dangerous for your dog. The good news is that its possible to train your dog to ignore the temptation to chase and even channel that desire into games and sports.

Essentially, youll be working with your dog to build focus impulse control teaching them to remain calm when exciting things are happening and to wait until they are released for something they want. Tag : Teaching your dog to chase you in your house or a safely fenced-in area can be a fun active game that many pups enjoy.

Lure Coursing : This is a fast and fun sport that challenges a Sighthounds natural instinct to chase prey. The sport allows Sighthounds to do what comes most naturally to them, showing off their athleticism and ability to follow and chase the prey. Lure Coursing is for select breeds over one year of age, including Greyhounds, Basenji, Whippets, Irish Wolfhounds, Pharaoh Hounds, and more. The good thing is that training, games, and sports are a great way to channel your dogs chase into behaviors that are safe and fun for both of you.

This live telephone service connects you with a professional trainer who will offer unlimited, individualized advice on everything from behavioral issues to CGC prep to getting started in dog sports.


The most effective way to stop a dog from ever chasing cars is prevention. It’s easiest to identify and change the behavior in puppies before it becomes a habit. However, if your dog is already chasing cars, you can use a few tricks to correct their behavior.Remember that you’re in it together. Both you and your dog are learning to understand each other and sometimes it takes time.


One way to stop your dog from chasing cars is with fun games that give them the thrill of the chase without involving moving vehicles. A few options include:Chasing cars can sometimes be so ingrained in dogs that it can be hard to make them stop. After all, it’s a part of their natural instinct to want to run and hunt. In addition to trying different games, you can incorporate these ideas as well.

01/4Why do dogs run behind cars?

You all must have experienced dogs chasing your vehicles or witnessed them doing so to another vehicle. Ever wondered why dogs do so?Most of us have experienced this but probably never gave it a serious thought. But you will be surprised to know that there are legit reasons behind this chasing behaviour of dogs. Read on to know more.

02/4They have their territory

THEY HAVE THEIR TERRITORY: When a new person comes to your house, the obvious reason why your dog barks at them is because they see them as strangers and don’t trust them. Same is the reason behind dogs barking at a moving vehicle. Dogs expand their territory by urinating on trees and vehicles of the area they live in. When a vehicle which does not belong to their territory approaches them, they can smell it. This infuriates them as they don’t accept any other dog coming into their territory. This may sound silly but that’s how it is.

03/4Instincts and loneliness

INSTINCTS AND LONELINESS: Dogs are very curious in nature and an approaching vehicle perks up their instincts and urge them to chase the vehicles suddenly. So, they end up running behind them. Sometimes this is also due to a bad experience with the drivers but some just do it out of excitement.Dogs are social creatures and when they feel lonely they just pass their time simply by barking at people or chasing vehicles. This kills their boredom and makes them feel happy.

Which Breeds Are Most Likely to Chase?

Chasing is something that comes naturally to most dogs, but Sighthounds of all sizes from Afghan Hounds to Whippets were specifically bred over thousands of years to chase down prey. These dogs have excellent eyesight and awareness of the world around them, so chasing comes naturally to them. Although Sighthounds are practically guaranteed to want to chase small moving animals, they are not alone in being aroused and highly interested in squirrels and other fast animals.Herding Group breeds are also particularly prone to chasing bicycles, skateboarders, and runners, as it awakens their instinctual desire to gather and herd livestock.The desire to chase is inherent to many dogs and is a highly self-rewarding behavior, but because some dogs enjoy it so much, it can be extra challenging to train them not to do it.

Respecting Wildlife

Even though chasing small animals and birds is fun for dogs, it’s important to teach your pup to be respectful. It’s never appropriate to allow dogs to harass wildlife when in parks. Follow leash laws and practice getting, and keeping, your dog’s attention when passing things that are tempting to chase. Not only is it disrespectful to allow dogs to harass wildlife, it can be dangerous to your dog. Animals like squirrels, raccoons, rats, and bats can carry diseases that can make your dog sick.