White Faced Pearl Cockatiel?

Are white-faced cockatiels rare?

Are white-faced cockatiels rare? These birds used to be significantly rarer than they are now. Nowadays, you can find breeders that will specialize in white-faced cockatiels. You likely won’t find them through other sources, however.

How much is a white faced pearl cockatiel?

White Cockatiel Prices charge the rates of $200 to $300 and also get called Albino Cockatiels or White Faced Cockatiels. Pearl Cockatiel Prices usually range in the price of $150 to $200.

What is the rarest cockatiel color?

The rarest cockatiel color mutation is white face. This is one of the variations that lack orange patch cheeks both in mature male and female birds. They are the opposite of normal grey cockatiels in the sense that they produce a richer, coal-like coloration.

Are white-faced cockatiels more expensive?

The price depends on the age, mutation, health, and personality of the specific bird. This bird is available for sale in different varieties at the breeder’s, including grey, lutino, pearl, pied, and cinnamon. The White-Faced will usually be more expensive.