White Crested Blue Polish?

What color eggs do white crested Polish Lay?

Production: White Crested Blue Polish lay about 200 white eggs per year and have white skin, but are usually raised as pets. They are quirky and funny and entertaining to have around.

What color eggs do white crested black polish lay?

White Crested Black Polish, do they lay eggs? Yes, they lay medium sized white eggs.

Are chickens blue?

The American Poultry Association includes many different breeds, both bantam and standard, that include blue varieties. The current recognized large fowl with blue are Ameraucana, Andalusian, Cochin, Jersey Giant, Langshan, Orpington, Plymouth Rock, Sumatra, and Wyandotte.

Polish chickens are the most well-known breed of crested chickens. Their funny “top hats” are certainly attention getters, and the White Crested Blue variety provides a striking visual contrast with the unusual blue feathers and adorable white crest.

It can also sometimes impair the bird’s vision, which makes the Polish an especially skittish variety of chicken. The White Crested Blue Polish makes a good pet due to its unique look and tame attitude.

Contrary to belief, the breed name Polish doesnt come from Poland. They were named after the Polish armys feathered caps because it closely resembled their feathered crests. The chickens originated in Spain but were then brought to Holland, and eventually the Dutch perfected their coloring.

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