Where to Buy a Sugar Glider?

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$10 per day fee will be charged for boarding your sugar glider At this time we are not offering transportation on our babies, pickup only.

Babies are all individually priced based on sex, color, conformation and sometimes personality traits.

Where is it legal to own sugar gliders?

For those living in the United States, each state has its own regulations regarding sugar gliders. It is illegal to own a sugar glider in California, Alaska, and Hawaii. States such as Georgia, New Mexico, and New York have special regulations that you should look into before trying to get a sugar glider.

Where can I find a sugar glider?

Sugar gliders are sometimes found at pet expos, flea markets and mall kiosks across the U.S. These are a popular way to be introduced to gliders, educate the public and promote their ability to be great pets.

Can you buy sugar gliders as pets?

Sugar Gliders as Pets. Sugar gliders are available from shelters, breeders, and pet stores across the country. They make excellent pets for people who take the time to learn about their needs before acquiring them.

Sugar gliders, aka sugar bears, may steal hearts online and in person, but their very appeal is also their downfall. Shoppers may buy these social and sensitive animals while walking around in the mall and seeing them being peddled at a kiosk. But often impulse buyers quickly realize that they are unprepared for the responsibility of caring for these active, inquisitive, nocturnal animals.

Parents with joeys in pouch and color possibilitiesMurtaugh & Jocasta (Ruby Leu, Creme~ino, Mosaic or Gray); Fergus and Marsali (Reds, Grays, Platinum or Leucistic); Larkspur and Ristretto (Platinum, Mosaic, Leucistic or Gray); Jake and Bella (Mosaic, Leucistic or Gray).

Expertly bred animals not only raised for color, but with care as to make sure they are not being inbred. For safety of my animals, I cannot allow people in my glider room, other than my helper, vet and inspector.

We are still able to ship to legal states using a USDA Approved Pet Transport through the COVID 19 Epidemic.

Follow our instructions & we’ll have your back for your baby’s lifetime. We’ve never seen anyone offer this type of guarantee, and we doubt that we ever will.

Then, youll be immediately contacted by either your nearby Adoption Specialist – or our GliderSafe Delivery team – to coordinate the arrival of your fuzzy family members! From the moment your babies are ordered and for years to come – we will be with you every step of the way to continually support you with the absolute BEST educational materials and free 24/7 parent support So, lets get the ball rolling!

Plus, once you complete your adoption you have the entire Pocket Pets team along side you to assist in raising happy & healthy Sugar Glider babies!