Where Do Box Turtles Live?

What is the natural habitat of a box turtle?

Eastern box turtles are predominantly terrestrial and live in a variety of vegetative areas, including shrubby grasslands, marshy meadows, open woodlands and field forest edges. They are often found near streams or ponds, or areas that have experienced heavy rainfall.

Where can you find box turtles?

Eastern box turtles are usually found near ponds, fields, meadows, and woodlands throughout the eastern half of the United States. Although eastern box turtles are native to the eastern United States, they can sometimes be seen in other states.

Where do box turtles like to be?

Housing the Common Box Turtle. It should include sunny and shady areas, places to hide, and access to a shallow water dish. Plus, it should be protected from predators.

Do box turtles live in water or land?

Box turtles are partially aquatic, spending the greater part of their time on dry land within easy range of shallow fresh water.