What Music Do Cats Like?

Ever wondered why your cats dont share your appreciation of Johann Sebastian Bach or arent as enthusiastic to rock out to an old Led Zeppelin record? Turns out, its not their style.

Do cats vibe to music?

Whereas your cat may react with complete indifference to your favourite song, when they are played music that has feline appropriate tone, pitch, and tempo, cats display demonstrable enjoyment—they have even been known to rub up against speakers and purr! All the evidence points to the fact that cats do like music.

Does cats like to listen to music?

Cats, in fact, do enjoy music, but they don’t enjoy human music — at least according to new research. A study recently published in the journal Applied Animal Behavior Science believes that in order for our feline friends to enjoy music, it has to be species-specific music.

Should I leave music on for my cat?

The short answer to this question is No, you do not need to leave music on for you cat. It is easy for cat owners to worry that their cats will be lonely by themselves but it must be remembered that cats are quite independent.

What is the most calming music for cats?

Along these same lines, researchers previously have found that during general anaesthesia, cats remain physiologically responsive to music; and beyond that, classical music was found to be more soothing than pop or heavy metal.

Next time your beloved kitty is antsy about visiting the veterinarian, consider playing music composed just for cats. Louisiana State University researchers have found that playing music specially made just for cats can help calm their nerves while going through the stressful vet visit.

Researchers at Louisiana State University (LSU) School of Veterinary Medicine wanted to see if music could have a calming effect on a cat that might be feeling a bit stressed.