What Is Your Warrior Cat Name?

Battles, love, leadership, decisions, drama; all of these things are involved in the Warrior Cat‘s series, so why not on the computer? What would YOU do if you were faced with these decisions?-Based on the Warrior Cats Series by Erin Hunter-

How do you pick a warrior cat name?

Warrior Cats Naming Tips & Rules. Look at cat-related words, such as paw, purr, stripes or feline. Think about colours that best describe your cat, such as silver, ginger, white, red or yellow. Warrior cat names are made of two words, a prefix (the first part) and a suffix (the second part)

What is Ravenpaw's warrior name?

Warrior Cats Facts! Ravenpaw’s warrior name would be Ravenwing.

Have you ever wondered what you might be called if you were a warrior cat? What your clan would be or the position you would play? Find out with this warrior cats quiz what is your warrior cat name, clan, and position.

Rip the enemies heads off, show no mercy Lay low awhile longer, to make sure you get it just right

Your mentor is a cat you dislike and know something about no other clan member does you: Ripping and hissing at each other you see that the warrior is too powerful for your leader. You know this won’t result well, but you have had a message from StarClan saying you must take this journey, you:

Don’t care what their deputy thinks, StarClan told you this, and you must continue The quiz will test the skill of the people that read the Warriors series by Erin Hunter. This herb is a poultice that is terrific for healing wounds.

True or false: Stormtail is Bluestar’s father

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