What Is the Name of a Female Dog?

Adopt a new family dog and you’ll have a lot of cuddles (and hijinks) in your future. But one of the best parts of getting a new pet is picking the perfect name. You can go in 101 different directions when it comes to dog names all them as equally cute and wonderful as your little lady and there’s no shortage of inspiration.

a little something for every kind of personality. We’ve drawn inspiration from food and pop culture to make sure you have your pick of every type of name.

You’ll also want to consider the potential nicknames of course. A whopping 81% of dog owners use them, a recent survey found. Check out these cute girl dog name ideas to get your brainstorm started.

We know your little girl will love whichever one you choose. You might not have the only Bella at the dog park. These female names topped the charts in 2019, according to Rover.com .

Bella Luna Lucy Daisy Lily Zoe Lola Sadie Molly Bailey Stella Maggie Roxy Sophie Chloe Penny Coco Nala Rosie Ruby Kymberlie Dozois PhotographyGetty Images There’s no animal cuter than your new doggo.

Give her one of these precious names that are perfect for any pint-sized pup. Maya Abby Pebbles Sunny Cassie Lacey Gigi Kali Sugar Piper Nikki Millie Heidi Mia Maddie Your pup is one of a kind so why not pick a moniker as unusual as she is?

Amber Annie Bea Dot Ella Irene Izzy Koda Layla Lulu Mimi Minnie Nova Pearl Olive Sasha Suki Tess Trixie Willow victoshafotoGetty Images Look to the kitchen for 100% adorable name inspiration.

Bean Biscuit Brandy Cinnamon Cocoa Ginger Mai Tai Marshmallow Mocha Mochi Nugget Peanut Pepper Pickle Pumpkin Image SourceGetty Images A third of pet owners have named their dog after a character from a TV show, video game, movie, or book, Rover.com found (versus 12% for a food and only 5% for a place).

Pay homage to an iconic role with one of these famous names: Arya ( Game of Thrones ) Buttercup ( The Princess Bride ) Dixie ( Because of Winn-Dixie ) Eleven ( Stranger Things ) Eloise ( Eloise ) Ginny ( Harry Potter ) Holly ( Breakfast at Tiffanys ) Jo ( Little Women ) Lady ( Lady and the Tramp ) Leia ( Star Wars ) Marley ( Marley & Me ) Nana ( Peter Pan ) Perdita ( One Hundred and One Dalmatians ) Scout ( To Kill a Mockingbird ) Winnie ( Winnie the Pooh ) Fluffernutter (Fluff) Mary Puppins Mimosa (Mimi) Brutus Lisa Vanderpup Maybelline Butters Virginia Woof Bon Bon Sarah Jessica Barker Matcha Kitty Bitsy Cinderella Zola

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What is the proper name for a female dog?

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Your new dog needs a name, an identity, a signature moniker. Whether its something unique, traditional or totally bizarre, one of these 250 female dog names will be a match to your poochs personality.

Scroll to see full list Daisy Dakota Daphne Darla Delilah Diamond Diva Dixie Dolce Dolly Duchess Dutchess Ella Ellie Elsa Emily Emma Emmy Eva Faith Fiona Foxy Frankie Scroll to see full list Gabby Gemma Georgia Gia Gidget Gigi Ginger Goldie Grace Gracie Greta Gypsy Hailey Haley Hannah Harley Harper Hazel Heidi Hershey Holly Honey Hope Isabella Isabelle Ivy Izzy Jackie Jade Jasmine Jazzy Jenny Jersey Jessie Josie Juno Kali Karma Katie Kaya Kayla Khloe Kiki Kira Koko Kona

Scroll to see full list Lacey Lacy Lady Laila Layla Leia Leila Lexi Lexie Libby Liberty Lilly Lily Lizzie Lizzy Lola Lucky Lucy Lulu Luna Mabel Macy Maddie Maddy Madison Maggie Maggie Mae Maisy Mandy Marley Matilda Mattie Maya Mia Mika Mila Miley Millie Mimi Minnie Missy Misty Mitzi Mocha Mollie Molly Morgan Moxie Muffin Murphy Mya Nala Nellie Nikki Nina Nola Olive Olivia Oreo Paisley Paris Peaches Peanut Pearl Pebbles Penelope Penny Pepper Phoebe Piper Pippa Pixie Polly Poppy Precious Princess Pumpkin Scroll to see full list Raven Reese Riley Rose Rosie Roxie Roxy Ruby Sadie Sage Sally Samantha Sammie Sammy Sandy Sara Sarah Sasha Sassy Savannah Scarlet Scarlett Scout Shadow Sheba Shelby Shiloh Sierra Sissy Sky Skye Snickers Sofie Sophia Sophie Star Stella Sugar Suki Summer Sunny Sunshine Sweetie Sydney Shadow Simba Simon Smokey Snickers Snoopy Sonny Sparky Spencer Spike Stanley Sunny Scroll to see full list Tasha Tess Tessa Tilly Tinkerbell Tootsie Trixie Violet Willow Winnie Xena Zelda Ziva Zoe Zoey

Finding the perfect girl dog name can be difficult, but it doesnt have to be. This blog post will list as many girl dog names as possible to give you inspiration on what to name your female pup. With over 250 female dog names from A-Z, this is sure to be a helpful resource for all pet owners!

But finding the perfect name for your new family member can be difficult, and for many individuals, thinking of the best girl dog name seems to be more difficult than thinking of boy dog names . Searching for a good name for your new puppy can be tough, but you neednt limit yourself to the classic female dog names.

Get inspiration from somewhere unexpected like your favorite band, sports team, or even a family friend! You can also take a look at our recommendations for the top Unique Dog Names . Each name in this list is inspired by the letter of the alphabet, allowing you to browse for your favorite starting sound and finding a perfect female puppy name.

Abby Adele Addison Addie Aida Amber Alexis Alice Aspen Atari Anna Allie Abby Ariel Babe Baby Bambi Beauty Bella Becca Bertha Betsy Betty Billie Birdie Blair Blossom Brooklyn Bailey Biscuit Bonnie Bella Carmella Casey Carly Chica Cherry Cora Cookie Canyon Carolyn Cece Chanel Charlotte

Daiquiri Daisy Dani Demi Daphne Diva Dora Dottie Duchess Delilah Dixie Dakota Diva Dolly Ebony Edie Eden Elana Ella Elsa Ellie Rose Eliza Egypt Eleven Emmy Electra Elsie Emiko Ember Esmerelda Estelle Fannie Fantasia Faye Flora Fifi Freckles Frida Faith Felicity Fiona Flo

Gemma Gia Gidget Gabby Georgia Ginger Genesis Geneva Georgia Geraldine Gypsy Gia Gigi Hannah Happy Haley Haven Holly Honey Hope Hazel Harley Heaven Harrietta Henley Hershey Hillary Holiday Holly Ibeza Iggy Imani Inari India Indie Ireland Iris Ivy Izzy Isla

Janelle Jamie Jersey Jessie Jolene Josie Jasmine Jazzy Jessie Jewel Jada Jennifer Jackie Jane Kahlua Kallie Karma Kamila Kate Kayla Kelsey Kelly Kendall Kenya Kimono Koko Kennedy Kewpie Kiki Kiwi Kinley Kimmie Kisses Luna Lacy Layla Lexi Liberty Lily Lizzy Lola London Lady Lana Laika

Mabel Mackenzie Macy Maggie Mckenna Mika Mocha Moxie Moki Muppet Natasha Natoya Navi Nikki Nina Nola Nori Ocean Oki Olive Oprah Opal Onyx

Paige Payton Pebbles Penny Pepper Pumpkin Peaches Peanut Parsley Qamra Queenie Quinn Quitara Quizzie Quigley Qunita Raven Riley Rita River Rosie Roxie Rylie Ritzy Ruby Raina Raisin Rosemary

Saffron Sandy Sasha Scarlet Shelby Sierra Skye Stella Suki Sydney Seven Sally Tabitha Trixie Trudy Twinkie Tessa Tatum Tori Tina Tilly Tenley Tamara Ursula Uinta Unity Utah Una Utopia

Venus Vera Vicky Viper Violet Vixen Vespa Valor Wanda Waynoka Westlyn Whisper Winnie Willow Winter Willa Winona Xandra Xanti Xena Xiadani Xella

Yara Yasmin Yellow Yeska Yola Yosemite Yumi Yuba Yoko Yeardley Zara Zadie Zena Zipper Zola Zuri Zoe Zelda A female puppys name is an important part of her training and socialization.

It can be difficult to think of a dog name that you think fits the personality of your dog. The entire dog naming process can be difficult for many individuals. Take some advice from experts in the field:

A dogs name should be short and easy to pronounce. Harder consonants are easier for dogs to hear over sibilant sounds, like Gracie or Bailey. Avoid naming your pup something that sounds similar to a command word. Names like Bo are very similar to no which can make it difficult for your puppy to learn commands.

Using a dogs name lets the pooch know whats coming next is meant for her, so always use it in a positive context like giving handouts or telling her she did something wonderfully. Consider giving the dog a name that is different from any other family members name. If your son is Mannie, and the dog is named Annie, there may be confusion later on between who is being called to come in.

Take some time to understand the personality of your new puppy before you rush into a name, but dont take too long as you need to start getting your new dog used to her new name as soon as possible! 2021 has seen a few different female dog names that have been trending over the past 12 months. Dog lovers have been thinking of fun names for their new pet that are both one or two syllables.

Many new dog parents are looking at mainstream media such as TV shows, movies, music, artists, podcasters, social media influencers, and more when picking a name for your dog. Looking at 2021 trends can be a great naming inspiration along with looking at the dogs personality. Some dog parents are thinking of the name of their favorite movie character or naming their dog after a Disney princess or lead singer, but this process can pay homage to your background.

Below are a few of the female dog names that are cute and popular this year : Bella Luna Charlie (short for Charlotte) Lucy Bailey Daisy Sadie Lola Molly Stella Finding the best girl dog names for your new puppy can be a difficult task, but it is important to take this process seriously as it will impact your new pet.

You could name them after a Stranger Things character or a Harry Potter character but it is important that the name will be easy for your new puppy to understand and learn but also has an emotional connection to your family. Avoid choosing names that other people like, find the perfect name for your new family member! WAIT!

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Cute Girl Dog Names

You might not have the only Bella at the dog park. These female names topped the charts in 2019, according to Rover.com.

Food Names

Your pup is one of a kind — so why not pick a moniker as unusual as she is?

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Female Dog Names D – F

You can also check out our male dog names.

Trending Girl Dog Names In 2021

A female puppy’s name is an important part of her training and socialization. It can be difficult to think of a dog name that you think fits the personality of your dog. The entire dog naming process can be difficult for many individuals. Take some advice from experts in the field: