What Is My Cat Doing to the Blanket?

At some point, youve probably caught your cat kneadingrhythmically pushing their paws in and out against a soft object, which could be a blanket or even your lap. Its also referred to as making biscuits because the action is like kneading dough.

If your cat is curled up and kneading your lap while youre petting him, hes returning the affection and telling you he loves you right back. Cats are natural yoga masters and love to work out all the kinks left over from napping.

They may purr, stretch, and knead the air while lying on their side to tell male cats that they can approach for possible mating. However, if they are immediately ready to mate, they will not knead their paws and will instead raise their pelvis with the tail to one side.

Behind their serious feline faade, theres a world of comedy, laughter, and quirkiness. This quirkiness comes in many forms of expression and to find your cat knead and bite their blanket must be the most unexpected quirk of them all!

Kittens knead the nipples of their mothers while theyre nursing, and this simple movement stimulates milk production. Biting and sucking at any soft and warm item might simply be a comforting habit that brings them back to their mother.

According to these theories, the wild cats would knead and pat down the foliage to make the ground softer for sleeping or giving birth. Youve probably noticed that most cats have their preferred sleeping spots, whether its your own bed or a fuzzy blanket. Whether your loving furball is kneading you, while sitting on your lap or your clothes and blankets, its a clear sign of trust and affection towards you.

If you do have a cat who kneads their bedding, or better yet you, its because theyre feeling very loved and comfortable, as suggested by Katie Armour a project coordinator at MSPCA Boston Adoption Center. If your feline companion dabbles in the art of kneading and biting, theres a great chance that this behavior will be stuck with him throughout his life. If you find your cat biting and sucking on materials that are unhealthy especially plastic, or synthetic fabrics, it might be a sign of an underlying medical problem called pica.

According to Arnold Plotnick, a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine at the ACVIM , cats with unexplained gastrointestinal symptoms and a history of eating unusual objects should be examined right away. I remember finding one of my cats biting and sucking on my leather purse, unfortunately, or thankfully, I discovered the missing pieces in the litterbox the next day but I still went to get the all-clear from my veterinarian. They could be trying to relieve themselves of pain or discomfort, or theyre calling to you, trying to bring your attention to problems like these, states Katenna Jones, a Rhode Island-based certified cat behavior consultant.

Of course, theres no reason to worry if your grown cat kneads and bites their blanket unless they begin to ingest the fabric. In case your cat is showing suspicious symptoms like consuming the items they knead and bite, then the negative association technique might be right for you. Scent plays an important role in a cats life and there are actually specially designed products that discourage chewing, licking, and biting.

One of the most popular is Bitter Apple spray which is commonly used in veterinary medicine to prevent cats and dogs from chewing their bandages.

Have you ever had a cat who sucked on everything in sight? I never have, but in some ways I almost kind of wish I had. Theres something ridiculously cute about watching a cat kneading and sucking on blankets while purring his fool head off. Need proof? Check out the video below. Of course, if you live with a blanket or clothing sucker, Im sure its not nearly as cute to you. If youve suffered from kitty spit-soaked bedding or ruined sweaters, I totally get that youd probably trade your wool sucker for one of my feline family members. Youve probably also wondered, Why do cats suck on blankets? Well, wonder no more. Here are some of the most common answers to Why do cats suck on blankets?

Why Cats Knead Their Owners

What if your cat likes to knead people—namely, you? If your cat is curled up and kneading your lap while you’re petting him, he’s returning the affection and telling you he loves you right back.Unfortunately, this can be quite painful, since the happier he is, the harder he’ll dig in with his sharp nails. Never punish your cat for this behavior—he doesn’t realize it hurts.Try placing a thick, soft barrier between your cat and your lap. To better ensure the comfort of both you and your cat, make a habit of keeping your cat‘s nails trimmed with nail clippers, or invest in nail guards to cover your cat‘s nails.

Kneading to Stretch Their Muscles

Cats are natural yoga masters and love to work out all the kinks left over from napping. Think about it—if you have sore shoulders, it feels good to grab onto a surface and pull against it. Kneading their paws is one of the many ways cats keep themselves limber until the next nap.

Kneading to Mark What’s Theirs

Cats are territorial creatures, and one of the ways they safeguard their turf is to scent-mark their belongings. By kneading their paws on the surface of something (yes, including you), they’re activating the scent glands in their soft paw pads, thereby marking that item as theirs.

What Is Cat Kneading And Biting?

Before we get into all the whys, it’s important to know exactly what this unusual behavior is. Also referred to as “making bread or biscuits”, kneading is when a kitten or a cat presses their claws into soft surfaces, like blankets, cushions, or clothes and sometimes even our own mortal flesh.When cats knead, they push in and out with their feet against the surface they might sleep on. They usually use their claws, retracting them as they pull back, one paw at a time. Some cats suck or bite at their blanket while kneading, which is also quite common. While biting could bring comfort to some cats, if your cat is doing more than biting and is actually