What Is a Plott Hound?

Is a Plott Hound a good family dog?

The Plott Hound loves children and will often protect them, making the Plott an excellent family dog. He has a rather loud bark and thoroughly enjoys talking, especially when he’s bored, because he loves attention. Plotts need a fair amount of exercise and would like to accompany you on a nice long walk, or hike.

What breeds make up a Plott Hound?

The Plott Hound descends from five Hanoverian Schweisshunds brought to North Carolina in 1750 by German immigrant Johannes Georg Plott. In Germany the dogs had been used as boarhounds, but North Carolina had bears, and that’s what Plott trained his dogs to hunt.

Is a Plott Hound a mixed breed?

The Plott hound is a unique breed. Not only is it one of just a few American-developed breeds registered with the AKC, but it’s also the only American breed that’s descended from a German lineage (the other American breeds have an English foxhound background).

Why is it called a Plott Hound?

The Plott Hound breed of hunting dog is also named for the Plotts. The ancestors of today’s Plott Hounds were used for boar hunting in Germany. … These dogs had been bred for generations for their stamina and gameness. George and his wife Margaret with their family settled in the mountains of western North Carolina.