What Is a Koi Fish?

What's so special about koi fish?

Koi are a type of carp, a common fish that can be found all over the world, but what makes Koi so special is their coloring and lineage. There are regular competitions to name the top koi and just like prized dog breeds, Japanese people take koi breeding very seriously.

Is a koi a goldfish?

Koi and goldfish may look similar, but the two are actually two different species. Goldfish were developed by selectively breeding Prussian carp for color mutations. Today, the goldfish is now considered an entirely new species from the Prussian carp. … Koi will have these barbels on the lips, while goldfish will not.

Why koi fish are so expensive?

Since the quality Koi are the ones that make it to the market, they become expensive due to the low supply and high demand principle. According to Cool Fish Network, Koi lays a million eggs. Out of the million eggs, only 60% hatch and that is not a reason for a fish farmer to celebrate.

Are koi fish good pets?

Koi fish make excellent pets for almost everyone. … Koi fish are a hardy pet. They can tolerate a wide variety of water temperatures, more than most fish. Koi are considered “docile.” They do not fight with each other and they do not eat smaller fish.