What Is a Catamount?

Is a catamount a real animal?

The catamount, an animal you may have heard of but definitely haven’t seen in the wild, will be declared extinct decades after its last known sighting. … The catamount, also called the eastern cougar, was a mammal that roamed Michigan, Maine, Vermont, Tennessee and parts of Canada.

What is the difference between a cougar and a catamount?

As nouns the difference between catamount and cougar. is that catamount is a wild animal of the family felidae , especially cougar, puma or lynx while cougar is a mountain lion; puma concolor .

What's the meaning of catamount?

: any of various wild cats : such as. a : cougar sense 1. b : lynx sense 1.

Is a catamount a bobcat?

Catamounts are usually about six feet long, bobcats range from 24 to almost 40 inches in length, including the tail. … Catamounts have a long tail, but a bobcat’s tail is short and tipped with black on the upper surface. Also an easy way to tell the difference between catamounts and bobcats is to look at their face.

A catamount is a ferocious feline, a mix between a mountain lion and a bobcat. It is predominant in the mountains of Western North Carolina, particularly Cullowhee, and in New Hampshire. Its prey of choice happens to be The Mountaineer. It excells in mauling dumb App State students, leaving their remains unidentifiable.

In most aspects it closely resembles a mountain lion , lynx or bobcat , excepting it’s ability to shit blocks of cheddar cheese, piss maple syrup and exhale THC. Similar to the meaning of cougar – an older woman with a young wife.In Vermont, mountain lions are known as Catamounts.

Sounds similar to the word catamite (Latin catamitus), which was a handsome youth kept as a sexual companion in ancient Rome , usually in a pederastic relationship. That catamount is driving a new sports car with a young babe in the passenger seat.

Had it been now a catamount, or even a full-size panther, I would have embellished a performance for you worth regarding. The Last of the Mohicans|James Fenimore Cooper

So Let’s dig deep into the mascot many people don’t seem to understand. Here’s an imagined, informative interview with “Rally,” UVM’s fuzzy, cuddly feline-of-the-sidelines.

A: The lower-case catamount is another name for the American panther, cougar, mountain lion, painter and puma. According to UVM’s Vermont Quarterly , the four candidates were: the tomcat, the cow, the camel and the catamount.

And “cougar” is thought to be derived from another native South American word, “cuguacuarana.” Well, if it helps, folks at the San Diego Zoo also extol the ability of catamounts or cougars, or mountain lions, or The last confirmed sighting of a catamount in Vermont was on Thanksgiving Day, 1881.

Crowell had the carcass stuffed, and people paid to see it, according to the Vermont Historical Society . The Vermont Quarterly reported that Nancy and Robert Leggett adopted a young cougar from a zoo and called it “Rink.” Rink’s appetite and hunting instincts got people worried, and off it went to another zoo.

Q: I keep hearing rumors about catamounts the big cat making a comeback in Vermont. Boosters started raising money to bring the UVM mascot to downtown Burlington in 2017.


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