What Happened to Max From Catfish?

Catfish fans were in for a surprise in 2018 when Nev Schulmans longtime co-host Max Joseph quit the show after seven seasons. Thankfully, the MTV reality series carried on despite his exit, and they found ways to make due without Schulmans other half.

Catch Crawfords first hosting gig as Schulmans official new sidekick tonight, when Season 8 of Catfish premieres on MTV at 8/7c.

Catfish is a reality series that focuses on exposing cheats and liars in the world of online dating. It is based on a 2010 documentary film of the same name by Henry Joost and Ariel Schulman. Schulman and his brother Nev developed the series and were aided by Max Joseph. The three men are integral to the success of the series, which has developed a dedicated fan base across the globe. Max served as a co-host for seven seasons of the series before departing in 2018. If you are wondering about the reasons behind his exit, weve got you covered. Heres everything we know in that regard.

He announced the news in a statement on Twitter Wednesday, saying the show will continue “going strong” without him as he pursues his filmmaking career.

Co-host Nev Schulman confirmed the news on his Twitter account, expressing his love for his partner-in-crime of the past six years and helping promote his film work. “Catfish” follows Schulman and Joseph as they uncover the true identities of people’s online love interests.


Max Joseph announced his departure from“Hey guys, the time has come, sadly, for me to move on fromJoseph said at the time that he was leaving the MTV show so he could balance his work as a host and a filmmaker; he’s worked on multiple short films, and released his first feature-length movie in 2015 titled

Why Did Max Joseph Leave Catfish?

Maxwell Joseph grew up in New York and graduated from Brown University in 2004. He started out as an editor but quickly turned his attention towards directing. Since 2008, Max has directed several documentary films and video shorts. In the early 2010s, he came in contact with the creative team of ‘Catfish’ and helped develop the series for MTV. Alongside Nev Schulman, Max served as the co-host of the show since its very first season. The show’s format allowed Max and his co-host to bring more of their personality into the show as compared to other reality shows.Max’s calm demeanor and charming wit quickly won the hearts of the audience as the show’s popularity skyrocketed. Apart from being the co-host, Max also served as a cameraman for the series. In 2014, during the production of the show’s fourth season, Max took a leave of absence from the series to focus on his feature film directorial debut with the drama ‘We Are Your Friends’ starring Zac Efron in the lead role. After completing work on the movie, Max returned toCatfish.’ In 2018, halfway through the show’s seventh season, Max announced he was leaving the series.The multi-talented filmmaker explained that working on the show and as an independent filmmaker was becoming unsustainable for him. Therefore, he decided to bid farewell to the show, which he considers the most meaningful experience of his life. He also thanked his co-workers and fans of the show.