What Do You Call a Male Cat?

These are the cat welfare/rescue/care terms I am most often asked to define because they are not common in all countries. A specialist genetics glossary is included as part of genetics articles on the Messybeast website.

Domestic – an animal which has become adapted to humans over many generations, has a genetic predisposition to tameness. Gib – a castrated male cat; most people use the term “a neuter” instead.

Often used when selling accidentally bred kittens as it sounds more attractive than moggy. Inbreeding – mating together closely related cats (sibling/sibling, mother/son, father/daughter) to strengthen desirable traits. The popular definition of when a kitten becomes an adult is based on when it reaches full size and sexual maturity (5 – 6 months of age).

Moggy Breeder – a misguided person who deliberately (irresponsibly) breeds random-bred kittens purely for sale (or to supply pet shops); this person either does not believe in neutering or is simply trying to make money. Unlike the pedigree or purebred breeder they are not attempting to develop or perpetuate a particular “look”. Moggy breeders contribute greatly to the overpopulation problem by depriving other (accidentally bred) kittens of homes or by offloading their surplus animals onto shelters.

Mutt-Cat – mixed breed, cross-bred or random bred cat, not pedigreed or purebred. Neuter (verb) – to surgically render sterile; applies to males and females but is usually used as euphemism for castration. Outbreeding – mating unrelated individuals to improve type or vigour.

Is a male cat a tom?

Unaltered male cats are commonly referred to as “Tom” cats. Intact male cats have a characteristic appearance, with a heavier, more muscular body, thick neck and the typical big, heavy tomcat head.

What is a female tomcat called?

Molly is the female version of tomcat. Although, unlike male cats which are referred to as tomcats, a female would simply be referred to as a Molly rather than a molly cat. The origin of the term Molly is not fully known but generally speaking, if you have a female cat then she is a Molly.

Ever wondered why we call male cats Tomcats? It hasnt always been so and I thought I would share with you how the name Tom evolved when referring to our male feline friends.

|Bengal||The Bengal cat has an ancestor from the Asian Leopard family and looks like it’s come straight out of the jungle but in actual fact its a very friendly, affectionate and intelligent domestic cat. Bengal cats are also very strong and agile and are a popular choice for many cat owners that want a more active and playful cat.|

These cats usually form a close bond with their owners and remain well-mannered whilst being cared for. They have a distinctive plump body, thick fur and usually have a ‘British Blue’ colour variant with orange eyes.CastrationThis is neutering for male cats only.

Neutered male cats are less likely to roam and it is therefore safer for them.Cat collarCat’s often wear collars around their neck. Cat foodCats are carnivores and therefore require meat based diets and animal-protein. As well consuming the right cat food, their water bowls should also be topped up and cleaned out every day.

Cat GPS is just one type of transmission – Bluetooth and Radio Frequency are others.Cat GroomingCat grooming is important to ensure your cat is looking and feeling great. This can either be in a breeding cattery where they are bred or it can be in a boarding cattery where they stay temporarily whilst their owners are not able to look after them.ClowderA group of cats is called a clowder and is 3 cats are more. A group of cats can sometimes be referred to as a clutter, a glaring or a pounce.

Usually these types of cats do not want human interaction but with the right care they may warm to a little help.GPSGPS stands for Global Positioning System and put simply it uses triangulation with 3 or more GPS satellites to work out where you are and how far away you are from your intended target. They can also be called a kindle or an intrigue.Loc8torAn alternative tracking device to the Tabcat. It uses the same technology, tags and batteries but comes without silicone cases as these are only necessary for cats.

The chip is about the size of a grain of rice, is placed between the cats shoulder blades and the service costs about 30. NeuteringThe term neutering essentially means surgically preventing your cat from reproducing. The Tabcat technology is much lighter than GPS devices and is therefore perfect for cat owners.RagdollThe Ragdoll is a breed of cat that is very large and has a colourpoint coat i.e. pale body with darker ears, eyes and feet and tail.

Originally from Thailand (formally Siam) the affectionate cat has a triangular shaped head and bright blue eyes and requires constant human interaction.SpayingThis is the same as neutering but for female cats only. The most common of these patterns is blotched, whilst other variants include mackeral, classic, marbled, spotted and ticked.