What Do Blue Tailed Skinks Eat?

Can blue tailed skinks eat fruit?

Unlike wild Blue Tailed Skinks, we recommend feeding adults up to 70% fruits and veggies. … Feed your adult Blue Tailed Skink kale, collard greens, red-tipped apple slices, figs, berries, and the occasional apple slices to keep them happy and healthy.

Can blue tailed skinks be pets?

Pet Ponder says a blue-tailed skink makes a good pet because they are easy to care for. Because they are reptiles, they require a warm spot in which to bask to increase their body temperature. These animals also like abundant places to hide such as caves or rocks they can crawl under.

How often do you feed a blue-tailed skink?

Live gut-loaded crickets, mealworms and waxworms. Sprinkle food with calcium daily and with a mineral supplement once or twice a week. Males should be housed separately. Up to 18 inches long 15+ years.

Do blue tailed skinks bite?

Skinks can also bite. Their bites aren’t poisonous or very painful, but it’s still best to protect your hands if you can.