What Do Alligator Lizards Eat?

Do alligator lizards eat fruit?

Can northern alligator lizards eat fruit? No, alligator lizards are carnivores. Its diet is typical of a lizard that it will eat small invertebrates, bugs, moths, and other small insects.

Do alligator lizards bite humans?

Alligator lizards are fairly aggressive and will threaten you with an open mouth, and they may bite anytime you pick them up, so be careful. … Be careful so that you don’t hurt the lizard! Its teeth or jaws could be hurt if you are too rough. Remember, they should be treated with kindness even if they do bite you.

Do alligator lizards need water?

Do not worry if a captive Southern Alligator Lizards seems not to drink much water from its water bowl. These lizards often satisfy their daily drinking water requirements by simply taking some droplets from the morning mist.