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Among the vehicles that have the most expensive catalytic converters are some models of BMW, Porsche, Lamborghini, Roll Royce, and Bentley. This is not usually the case because of how expensive the catalytic converter parts themselves are. Instead, the cost of these catalysts increases considerably due to the difficulty of installation labor.

Catalytic converters require a significant amount of energy to create so these scrap prices can be quite high in comparison to the value of other metals. To make it easier for you, we have compiled a list of catalytic converter scrap prices which you could use as reference material. We hope that you can find your desired scrap prices here: NumbersScrap Catalytic Converter MaterialsPrice/Value in $1.Euro 4 High Performance$602.Large Chrysler$1003.XBODY$4004.GM$3205.AIRTUBE$1006.AC/Thin Pipe BL$1907.BL Thick Pipe$3508.GM Medium$2509.SE HIGH GRADE$87010.Malibu Legal Lacrosse$8011.SE 6 LINE$44012.SE MEDIUM$39013.SE 5 LINE$34014.SE LOW$19015.JEEP$30016.HIGH GRADE DOMESTIC$28017.STANDARD DOMESTIC$23018.Direct-Fit Mitsubishi Outlander 3$10019.REGULAR PRE$10020.SMALL FLOW$15021.AFTERMARKET$2622.FOREIGN SMALL$30023.FOREIGN PRE$16024.FOREIGN MEDIUM$39025.FOREIGN LARGE$49026.XL FOREIGN$59027.LOW GRADE FOREIGN$23028.LOW PRE$7029.Exotic$84030.SMALL EXOTIC$71031.SUPER EXOTIC$98032.TORPEDO HI$1,25033.TORPEDO 3B$68034.Universal Catalytic For Petrol Engine$35835.TORPEDO REGULAR$34036.JUMBO BEAD$15037.REGULAR BEAD$4538.OLD DIESEL$1339.CAMRY$17040.O2 SLANT$63041.O2 STRAIGHT$91042.DOMESTIC FOIL$33 /lb43.FOREIGN FOIL$40 /lb Of course, when precious metals are incorporated into a catalytic converter the specific percentage of content can vary. The Dodge Ram 2500 pickup truck vehicle represents a more common situation for more people. Beyond that, compared to the Dodge vehicle here only $2,804 is needed to pay for the labor and replacement part to be installed. Once again, Lamborghini Aventador owners shouldn’t be too concerned about the number of dollars needed to replace these components. So, if we only consider vehicles that need a single catalytic converter the pickup trucks we’ve mentioned are among the most expensive. Also, this part is mainly responsible for reducing the toxic components that occur in the internal combustion of an engine. Also, a catalytic converter in good condition avoids problems with local laws and regulations in many places. Walker’s 80906 CalCat Pre-OBDII Universal Catalytic Converter CARB COMPLIANT — For use on OBDII vehicles, 1996 and newer and non-OBD 1995 and older. SUPERIOR TECHNOLOGY — Optimal high technology washcoat formulated to deliver superior performance (as compared to EPA-compliant converters) CONSISTENT PERFORMANCE — Utilizes a precise OE-style coating process to apply catalyst material to the substrate, providing consistent performance for assured emissions compliance DURABLE — Features stainless-steel body with aluminized pipe and heat shields for durability FLEXIBLE SOLUTION — Customizable design features expandable bushings for easy fitment and may require specialized fabrication and/or welding for installation Walker Exhaust CalCat Carb 80906 Universal Catalytic Converter is a high quality replacement part. Today, a very small number of owners sell catalytic converters as spare parts for other cars. So, in these specific cases, owners can get a good deal of money from the sale of these precious metals. This is why the process required to obtain these precious metals prevents people from deciding to sell palladium or platinum. Of course, in the automotive industry, the major manufacturers try to source a lot of palladium for future catalyst parts.

What are the most expensive catalytic converters to scrap?

Catalytic converters have economic value as they contain precious metals. This is the main reason why they are sold as the most expensive scrap. Because it contains rhodium, palladium and platinum, which are among the most precious metals.

Which cars are most likely to have catalytic converter stolen?

The cars most likely to suffer catalytic converter theft. Which?’s figures show that the Toyota Prius, Toyota Auris and Honda Jazz are the most commonly targeted models, with Admiral also reporting many examples of the Lexus RX being singled out.

What Catalytic converters are so expensive?

Cost to replace the catalytic converter of your car. Mainly because of the precious metals that are included in the converter, such as platinum, or platinum-like material such as palladium or rhodium. So, the more expensive the material, the more expensive it is to replace.

On average, there are between 3-7 grams of platinum in a standard catalytic converter, but the amount varies based on manufacturer and model. So you can see how our minimum acceptable lot size of 500 catalytic converters or 1000 pounds of loose catalyst can add up to reclaimed profits for you.

Catalytic Converter theft has become popular because of their value, relative ease to steal (unbolt or cut out), and their lack of identifying markings. Answer: A quick test is to loosen the exhaust pipe, between the manifold and catalytic converter , to allow the engine to breathe. Amazingly, the top three most expensive precious metals found within a catalytic converter include rhodium, palladium, and platinum! An aftermarket catalytic converter that meets the EPA requirements will be labeled and should be warrantied for five years or 50,000 miles.

Which Catalytic Converters Are The Most Expensive? According to data from 2020, the most expensive catalytic converter belonged to the Ferrari F430, with a mind-popping $3,770.00 price tag. Moreover, the F430 needed two of them, so a full replacement would run car owners $7,540 before labor costs.

Cars And PickupsCost Of The Catalytic ConverterFerrari F430$7,540 – $3,770 for each oneLamborghini Aventador$6,240 – $3,120 for each oneDodge Ram 2500$3,460Ford F250$2,804 DODGE CUMMINS 6.7 DIESEL CONVERTER RECYCLING PRICES GET QUOTE VIEW METAL DETAILS$48.00/eachExotic Cat Exotic catalytic converters are from foreign cars.

What catalytic converter is worth the most?

What catalytic converter is worth the most?

Which Catalytic Converters Are The Most Expensive? According to data from 2020, the most expensive catalytic converter belonged to the Ferrari F430, with a mind-popping $3,770.00 price tag. Moreover, the F430 needed two of them, so a full replacement would run car owners $7,540 before labor costs.

What trucks have the most expensive catalytic converters?

Among the symptoms of a bad catalytic converter are: