Unusual Male Dog Names?

Celebrities famously choose unique names for babiesApple, Maddox, Blanketwhile the rest of us tend to be a little more reserved. But when it comes to dog names, all bets are off.

After all, our dogs are special, and they deserve personalized names just as much as personalized care. These dog names are unusual because they fall at the bottom of the list of Rovers top 1000 dog names.

If youre looking for a unique dog name, you wont hear many of these at puppy kindergarten. Ana Arwen Bambam Bb Beckett Beethoven Bellatrix Bill Blair Breck Brinkley Brooklyn Cardi Cashew Cc Chili Chino Chula Coconut Coffee Conan Crash Cricket Daisey Deebo Dennis Dodge Dorothy Edgar Emmitt Finnigan Gina Gumbo Hana Hemi Indi Josey Junie Kasey Keanu Keira Klaus Knight Kujo Latte Leeloo Linda Little Man Luca Lucille Marlo Meg Melody Midas Midge Mira Momma Moon Nadia Natasha Ninja Oslo Pancake Patsy Pennie Phantom Pheobe Pickle Pippi Porkchop Posey Preston Rain Robbie Rock Rookie Rowan Ruckus Sancho Scotch Seymour Shea Shelly Shyla Skip Socks Stryker Stuart Tessie Timber Tinker Tino Tippy Trevor Trip Valkyrie Vincent Zia Zora Do you like the sound of a human baby name on a puppy?

If so, youre not alone. It used to be that most of us agreed on a good name for a dog. Fido, Rex, Lady: we expected generic choices.

Now, however, youre more likely to hear human names on dogs, from French bulldogs named Jacques to pit bulls named Bella and golden retrievers named Sheena. But what are the most unusual people names for dogs? Here are the least common in Rovers databaseall given to at least 50 individual dogs.

These are truly uncommon on dogs, as they fall well below even the top 1000 names. Notice that many are vintage picks with a great-grandparent flair. Maurice Clayton Jonas Carmela Maynard Virginia Bryson Steven Marigold Virgil Meera Merida Corbin Lois Suri Leona Ethan Doris Amaya Aida Evan Lars Lara Boscoe Tobin

Dobby Phoenix Sirius Albus Tonks Bellatrix Lupin Hermione Minerva Ron Cedric Weasley Gryffindor Lucius Andromeda Luna Lovegood Harry Potter Malfoy Neville Longbottom Cannoli Jack Daniels Poptart Melon Champagne Colby Jack Snacks Burger Riesling Buckwheat Slider Boudin BonBon Klondike Milkshake Beef Chorizo Cream Blackberry Plum Soda Moonpie Soba Pesto Chex Arya Stark Blade Bruce Wayne Captain Picard Chewbacca Gandalf Harley Quinn Janeway Jon Snow Kal-El Katniss Krypto Kylo Ren Luke Skywalker Nebula Pepper Potts Poison Ivy Primrose Princess Leia Riddick Ripley Sansa Serenity TChalla Tyrion Tywin Wonder Woman Yeti

Beyonce Biggie Smalls Bono Cardi B Chuck Norris Clooney Coco Chanel Conan OBrien Dolly Parton Eddie Vedder Ellen Ernest Hemingway Etta James Farrah Fawcett Frida Gretzky Honey Boo Boo Johnny Cash Joni Mitchell Kanye Kobe Lizzo Maynard Mozart Picasso Scout and Rumor Springsteen Stevie Nicks Tony Romo Willie Nelson Given to at least 25 individual dogs, these random nouns have taken on new life with wagging tails. Auto Brother Church Corduroy Divot Fable Hurricane Patience Stash Story Toaster Tugboat Wizard

Jimmy Chew Jimmy Kibble Beau Dacious Koby Teeth Reeses Puppycups Casper the Friendly Dog Baby Boomer Buzz Pawldrin Winston Furchill If you want even more options from Star Wars , video games, and beyond, youve got to see the top geek dog names from our database. Dog breeds might also influence your choices, such as a Spanish name for a Chihuahua mix.

and the list goes on! See all our name lists here . Your great dog deserves great dog care.

Youve found the best name, and now its time to find them the perfect pet sitter or dog walker.

What is a unique name for a male dog?


What are some uncommon dog names?


What should I name my male puppy?


What is the rarest dog name?

Norwegian Lundehund. Dating back to the Ice Age, the Norwegian Lundehund is recognised as one of the rarest dogs on the planet due to its unique characteristics which aren’t shared by any other breed. ….Lagotto Romagnolo. ….Azawakh. ….Otterhound. ….Mudi.

Our furry buddies deserve to have a fitting name. That name should best reflect their unique look, personality, or the wonderful family they just joined. The list below is a great way to find that perfect name with just the right meaning. Below the list, you’ll find tips and tricks that can help in the naming process. Take your time and read through the list to see which one “clicks” with you. The more you resonate with the name, the better! You may want to also pick several names. Then, wait for a little bit and see which one grows on you and fits your new family member.

He has written numerous articles and a book about the topic because he loves dogs. Find your next male puppy name here!

Find a fun name that suits your furry companion. NameMeaningOne, single unit; poker card Version of the name Alfred; counselor, guide

From “Ali Baba and The Forty Thieves” Type of animal with soft fur This can be like Andre the Giant (wrestler)

Destroyer; can be reference to Rocky films or Greek mythology; also space missions Money in Panama; famous movie character Number of famous movie and TV actors

Famous villain in Batman shows Ranch or farm with grass (Fun FYI: an extravagant auto made by Rolls Royce) Indigenous North African people

Either a type of small bread or cookie, depending on US vs. UK Snow storm that can often cause white outs (can’t see) Famous comedy film character

A person who makes beverages; very male oriented Famous TV character; confused for type of grass From the outbuildings or barns (Fun FYI: Lord Byron was a writer additionally known for his luxurious and untamed life)

Type of cover that hides; also a walk on role Large ground opening often cut by glaciers Free man (Fun FYI: Charlie Chaplin was a famous performer in early Hollywood)

Star Wars character (furry, brown) Dog, Wolf (Fun FYI: Funnyman Conan OBrien and Conan the Barbarian are popular examples of this name) NameMeaningFirst name of famous driver

Play on words, think of calling small dog a Great Dane Everlasting (Fun FYI: famous poet) Towards the right side (also famous fictional killer)

Slang for Dingo and silly person To put on or wear; slang for “to beat up” Irish name that combines “dark” and “stranger”

Famous character from Game of Thrones Famous character from a number of movies Famous video game character

Type of bird that eats rodents Brand of guitar, part on a car Name of character from the TV show The Office

An item presented to show good intention (collateral) Type of root and Chinese tree A mechanical gadget or thingamajig; a contraption (Movie FYI: The name of the adorable Gremlin from 1980s film)

German word meaning from a gray forest Beer; famous records book; calling an actor versatile Type of food, relative to motion (gyroscope)

Famous wrestler, Navajo hut with logs and dirt Dazzling (Fun FYI: Most people know this name through The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, written by Robert Louis Stevenson) NameMeaningBlazing one (Fun FYI: Many people know this name through vocalist and lyricist Iggy Pop)

The place where there are Indians (Fun FYI: People know this name from racing and the movie Raiders of the Lost Ark.) From Star Wars villain, describes lazy dog Famous rocker; someone who owns stable of pack horses

Latin meaning is black gem To bring bad luck or ill fortune; Usually used for cats, but can be used for funky dogs Local medicine man or cleric (Fun FYI: “Big Kahuna” was utilized in 1960s beach party movies)

Musical toy, can be used for silly dog Camera company, slang for outdated Lion, great for yellow labs

Famous fictional character and play Irish name meaning “chief” Quiet and peaceful (Movie Notable: Some may know this name from either charming Jack Russell Terrier in the movie The Mask or from Milo and Otis (though Milo was the cat)

Derived from Maurice which means dark skinned; swarthy Type of anatomy that contracts using calcium and electrical signals Chosen (Fun FYI: People know this from both The Lion King and the Austin Powers movies.

Shoe brand, Greek for Victory Chemical gathering (No2) (Fun FYI: Often used as component of explosives.) NameMeaningWood slope (Fun FYI: People know this name from the comic Garfield)

Movie award; used as code word in radio communications Divine spearman (Music Notable: Most people are familiar with this name through music artist Ozzy Osbourne) Famous bear and train station

A chivalrous champion; protector of a noble cause Famous painter; slang for attractive from one angle/not the other Hand gun, slang for energetic

Sonar equipment, slang for detection Eagerness (TV Notable: Reece is the tormenting sibling in Malcolm in the Middle) Type of herb; person who knows a lot

Sea creature and famous singer Type of jacket; smooth or glossy NameMeaningShorthand for a Tasmanian Devil; often known as a cartoon character from Looney Tunes

Thing that beats or thumps; slang for passionate person Culture who used trick horse to invade Impolite command phrase meaning “speed up” or “hurry on”

Vlad to rule (Fun FYI: Often known through Bram Stokers novel Dracula) Brings things together; horse handler at ranch Greek name meaning “leaving”

Type of toy that leaves down a string and returns; slang for fluctuate Type of singing among Swiss Mountaineers Gentle breeze; Greek god of wind

Frowns in anger (Fun FYI: Shorthand form of Aztec name Montezuma) Choosing a dog name can be tricky and may take some time. Your dog‘s name may not reveal itself very quickly.

In addition, your pet’s name should be unique enough that dogs dont get confused at a dog park. Names also need staying power, as most dogs live over 10 years. (You can always give a dog a regular name and a nickname as well.

So what are some methods to choose the best dog name? For example, naming your dog Gnarles Barkley may seem cute, because he growls and barks a lot, but may not fit him in 10 years. Another example may be calling your dog Chewy because he is always chewing on stuff.

However, there is something to be said for connecting a timeless idea to a dog name, such as a type of chocolate for a chocolate lab. Or even calling a dog Hershey because they are a chocolate lab. Be warned, though; people will assume you are a huge fan of any product name you give your dog.

Go Long: One idea may be to use a longer name that can be quickly shortened to a cute small name. For example, Bently could be shortened to Ben or modified to Bennie. This allows the dog name to stay the same, yet change slightly in the future.

You can even add a “Sir” or “Captain” before their regular name if you feel like it. Favorite Character: It may be tempting to name a dog after a popular character from TV or a movie, but make sure that this show has been around for a while. If you end up naming your dog the same as a new friend, that person may become insulted.

Tying a negative experience to a dog for the rest of their life may cause problems down the road. For example, a dog that chews up slippers could be called Sir Chews-a-lot. Don’t Worry: It is easy to stress about a dog‘s name.

Finding the right fit with so many possibilities can cause analysis paralysis. Whatever you choose, know that it’s the dog‘s quality of life that matters the most, not their name. Hopefully, this list of tips helps choose a great dog name!

If you have other tips or suggestions, please feel free to leave a comment below. Question: What is a good Indiana name for white husky who is very lovable? I believe that name means “flour”, it’s local to Indiana and is fun to say.

In addition, it can be shortened into a variety of nicknames. Question: Is Ace a good name for a dog? Question: What is a good name for a golden retriever that’s unique?

Answer: I think that depends on the dog and your personal tastes. Some unique examples include Halcyon and Aurelian. Answer: This is an interesting one: the name is most popular in southern Poland.

If you speak Esperanto it means “foot” or “paw”. If you speak Spanish, you’ll probably hear “Puedo” which means “May I”. Question: What is a good name for a male Pie Bald (black & white) Great Dane puppy?

I want to rename him, but by contract, the akc name must contain the word “Sweet”. Answer: Keeping to the black and white theme, a few potentials include “Sweet Tiramisu, nickname could be Sweet T.”, “Boehm Sweet Boehm” (pays homage to German heritage of Great Dane), and Sweet-wlder Kirschtorte (a pun off Schwarzwlder Kirschtorte , which is German Black Forest cake). Question: What is a good southern name for a male Miniature Pinscher?

Answer: I think this will depend on the traits of the dog, but some potentials include Victor, Warrick, Hunter, and Knox. You could also use Davis or Jackson, but that might be a bit too obvious. Answer: Thor is the name of a thunder god from Norse / German mythology.

Answer: Xavier in popular culture is the name of the X-men’s leader. From what I can tell, the name originated from the western Pyrenees when they described “a new house”. Question: What type of names are good for a two-colored eye Husky?

You can also use other duality names, such as Yin/Yang or Sunny Moon. Is this suitable name & if so, what does it mean besides father of the gods? You should name a border collie panda

This has terrible names and useless meanings I am still really struggling what about a cute but not to weird dog name for a borda collie any idears anyone? How about slash named after the guns n roses dude

A Disney name for a dragon in the movie Mulan Maybe you can add the paw patrol names too. My dogs are called(paw patrol names)

Marshal, rubble, chase, rocky, zuma, skye, Everest and tracker I am trying to name a new puppy hes tiny and black with white paws hes a pomchiweenie My dog just passed so my dad is getting us a nownext month i think we will name him bear

we are getting a new Alaskan malamute and wolf mix and i need names, it’s a boy I’m going to get a Rottweiler so I’m searching for a good name can you give me advise Jessica Davenport from Smithville, Texas on October 12, 2018:

I had a Rottweiler named Bodhisattva, Bodhi for short. (in Mahayana Buddhism) a person who is able to reach nirvana but delays doing so out of compassion in order to save suffering beings. I thing dash is a pretty good name

Youll find hundreds of awesome male dog names lists on this page, together with inspiration for coming up with original names for beautiful little boys that no-one else has thought of! Well show you how to create a shortlist of your own ideas, and help you to come up with the best pet name for your new animal.

Pet parents commonly get new dog name inspiration from movies, lists of popular dog names, their dogs personality, foods, human names, baby name lists, books, fictional characters, historical figures, titles, and much more. For example, after Game of Thrones was released, there were new dogs with names like Arya Stark, Sansa, and Daenerys.

There are common and popular names for dogs , like Maggie, Max, and Ginger that make the list of top dog names yearly, but its always cool to do something original and choose from the almost-limitless list of unique dog names. Unfortunately, the rarer the name, the harder it is to document.

So, we decided to create a database of some of the best unique dog names, suggested by PetPlace.com pet parents like you! Read on for hundreds of unique dog names to suit just about any dog in the world, from Terriers to Mastiffs and everything in between. Abe Adelaide Agnes Airy Aja Alden Arbie Arby Archimedes Arya Aspen Audra Axel Barton Biscuit Blanche Blogger Blue Bock Boo Booboo Bookbag Boomer Bosco Bran Broom Brownie Bruce Bubsy Buckles Bucky BuggaBoo Buttons Buzzy Cali Cat Catz Cartoon Captain Carmela Casi/Cassie Casino Casserole Cassidy Castle Cheerio Chewy Chocolate Clean-X Cleano Cocoa Cornpone Decker Deja Deliah Dexter Diva Domingo Doolittle Doorknob Dorothea Dough Boy Dozer Dr. Spock Draino Eloise Elvis Enid Ethel Exit Fact Fanny Ferry Findi Fishbone Fishlips Frida Foody Funny Furball Furry Friend Fuzzbutt Gingy Ginsberg Grits Gucci Guess Gunnar Gutter Hairspray Halftime Hawkeye Heart Hershey Hunter Ivy Jada Jaime Jenny Journey Kipper Kitty Kit-Kat Kona Leaves Lefty Liberty Licka Lickorish Lika Lion King Little Jack Little Loco Llewellyn Lois Loki Luca Mason Matera Materia Maverick Maya McKinley Mocha Murano Murphy Nala Napkin Nibbler Nibbles Nicko Nixon Nox Obby Otto Owl Ozzie Park Pear Pepper Pickles Pinecone Posty Prince Quincy Ragweed Rashi Rasta Ratbait Reese Reggie Ringlet Rocks Rubble Rupert Sampson Sarge Sassi Sausi Sansa Smiley Squeaky Squeegie Squeek Super Tilo Timid Timmy Tito Thrones Twilight Trailer Windy Wink Zodiac Zorah

Abbott Acorn AJ Alfie Bingo Bionic Bismarck Bitey Bivouac Blaze Block Buddy Bull Bullseye Champ Chicken Cheeky Monkey Chimp Cletus Clinton Clone Club Coats Cobweb Coder Cody Coffee Colombo Colonel Columbus Compound Cookie Cooper Coup Cowboy Cosmo Darby Darth Dash Davidson Dogger Edison Eli Ernesto Errol Eugene Everest Falstaff Fizzgig Flash Flex Fungi Garage Boy Garth Gibson Glasses Diddle Doodle Glory Godzilla Godzooky Golly Gee Goose Granite Grayson Green Greenie Gremlin Griffin Grimace Gulliver Gustave Guster Hank Harold Harry Harvey Heckle Herbie Hercules Hershel Highway Hobbs Homer Hooch Ignorance Indy Ireland Isaiah Ivan Jacques Pierre Jagger Jeeves Jeter Jethro Kane Kennedy Kilo Kleo Kneepad Koo-Koo Kool-Aid Korsakov Koufax Lenny Leo Leroy Lupin Maguire Mitch Mitso Mitts Moe Moe Mojo Mojo Jojo Morris Nitro Norman Ollie Onyx Opus Oswald Owen Picca Pickles Pig Piggly Wiggly Piggy Boy Podunk Pokemon Poker Pots Potter Pres Prince Charming Proust Punkin Head Punky Puplet Puppa Pupperoni Puppy Zilla Puschkin Qittee Ramses Ranch Reebok Reef Reggie Rubicon Rufus Rug Saavik Sacharov Shady Shamas Sheetrock Sherlock Shiba Shiel Shipley Shoes Shoogie Boogie Shortstop Shrub Shutter Shylock Sid Sierra Silly Putty Silverbell Sinatra Sing Hai Sir Coltrane Sir Elton Spork Spork Chop Sport Spritzy Sprocket Stroganoff Stubby Travis Trevor Triple Tripp Twizzler Tzar Uno Utley Vader Valdez Vester Veto Video Viking Vinegar Visage Vito Vocal Wag Wallet Warner Worthless Wyatt X-box Yahnabara Yogi Yoshi YouSing Yuengling Z-Z Zakk Zeppelin Ziggy Zip Zipper Zodiac Zoloft Zoltan Zonker Zoro Almond Amber Archie Ari Ariel BabyGirlRiley Banshee Banshee Stardust BarbieBooBoo Barfly Baskerville Beasky Beatrice Beauty Bella Belle Bindi BL Bo Bo Peep Bo-Bo Bogie Bokkie Boku Bonanza Bonita Boodles Boogie Bookie Briggs Bristol Brooklynn Cairo Calendar Calloway Capers Capone Carnation Castle Chewie Chewy Chicanery Cinnamon Claudia Clementine Cleo Cleopatra Coco Crooks Cry Baby Jane Cupid Cyclone Cyril Dahnja Daisy Doodle Damio Dancer Daz Deanie Dumpling Debra Destiny Duchess Ellie Espresso Faith Fancy Fifi Flora Florence Frances Future Gabby Gabster Galaxy Gato Genevieve Genny Geordi Gertrude Gia Gidget GinaRae Girlfriend Gypsy Haruka Isis Ivy Jaclyn Judy Juliette June June-Bug Juno Karma Kiwi Kricket Kryten Kudzu Kylie Kyreeve Kyro Lil Bit Lace Lady Bird Lali Laney Latte LBC Leia Leighlah Libby Lilianna Lilith Links Linux Little Bo Peep Little Girl Lizzie Love Lovely Lucky Sossidge Lucy Lucyfur LuLuBelle Luna Mab Maddie Madeleine Magenta Marple Mary Hellen Walton Maryann Marzipan Matches Melody MJ Mrs. Itsy Mrs. Snitchnose Muckluck Mugwai Munchkin Munchkins Munchy Nabisco Naomi Narcole Nash Natasha Pepsi Bailey Navarr Nera Nia Nickle Nike Ninevah Noggin Noisy Noodles Nosy Rosy Octane Octivia Odessa Opal Ophelia Payton Peeper Penny Pitty Pat Please Princess Princess Tiger Lily Princeton Prism Prudence Puck Puddles Puddy Rambunctious Ramona Raven Razzmatazz Razzy Reality Recess Redunzel Ripley Rosie Sa-Sa Samantha Samara Sammie Lee Sanibel Sappho Sassafras Sassie Sehla Seiko Seminary Sequel Seraphina Shana Shanti Sheba Ann Sherbet Sophie Spirit Starfire Suchi SUE-SHE Suga-Buga Sweet Lips Sweet Potato Louise Sylvie Taffy Tahtonka Tala Teezles Tefal Tegar Teka Leeka Tekia Tenza Tequila Tereza Tess Edy the Toenails Thea Thomasina Tickles Tidbit Tiddles Tiffani Tiggy Tights Tika Tina Turner Trinity Trinity Trinnie Tulip Tunis Twinkie Valentine Veda Vegas Velvet Venus Vesta and Destiny Violet Virginia Whimsey Xena Yoko Yuma Zara Zelda Zeta Zorah Zu-Zu Zula Atom Atomic Atrophy Baby Bantam Bijou Birdy Bitty Compact Compactor Cramps Cryer Cubbie Cubby Cupcake Dearth Demmy Diamond Diego Diesel Digger Ding Bat Faint Flyspeck Frank Fun-size Gas Gemstone George Geppetto Glitter Immense Iota Itty Itty-Bitty Jay Jed Jellybean Jerry Jib Jinny Limit Little Meag Megabit Micro Midget Mighty Mignon Minikin Minnie Minor Minute Modicum Moody Blue Morpheus Mother Smalley Motts Mouse Mr. Biz Mr. Black Mr. Butters Mr. Malone Mr. Trottie Man Nano Neggy Paltry Pea Peanut Petty Picayune Piddle Pint Pipsqueak Pittance Pocket Puny Ruby Runt Runty Scanty Scrubby Shorty Shrimp Slight Smooch Stunt Sugar Pop Sugar Toast Sunny Teensy Teensy-Weensy Teeny The Baby Tiny Tiny Toes Tippie Tipsy Tobygoodboy Toenails Tommy Boy Toy Trifle Trivial Trivial We-Willie-Winkie Weazle Wee Wee-Wee Weeny Wink Winkie Wire

Agent Average Baba Booey Balthazar Bam Bam Bambi Bandit Bean Beauregard Bedsocks Bee-Bee Berkley Bernardo Beta Chinchilla Chiro Chops ChopSuey Christmas Chrysanthemum Joy Chufta Cisco Clapper Clarence Claypool Evergreen Everly Exit Expresso Factor Fair Fairway Fido Fleet Freedom Frig Fry Fudge Fudgie Mark Medial Medium Meatier Metier Midst Middling Midway Milieu Norm Oracle Prophet Sammy Seer Spot The Brain The Fabulous Miss Boo The Nosy Noodle Theo Three Socks Thud Tilkaracha Token TomTom Tonka Tonto Toomba Toopee Tooter Tori Toughie Whisper Winslet Wizzie Woobie 8-Ball Aden Adonis Alexander the Great Andre Angus Apollo Astro Atlas Australia Behemothic Bettis Big Red Bigfoot Biggity Brown Bijou Buddha Budweiser Buggie Bulldozer Bullet Bulky Bunyan Caesar Chopper Colossal Colossus Cosmic Diamond Diary Dino Elephantine Emmy Emperor Endo Epic Gargantuan Giant Goliath Gross Hefty Hero Humongous Immense Jumbo Key King Kong Knight Kodiak Kong Levy Macro Major Mammoth Massy Mighty Monarch Monster Mondo Moose Monument Mountain Moxie Olympian Oversize Planet Puppy Sasquatch Supersize Tank Thumper Titan Titan Titanic Tower Trailer Trillion Tundra VastOne Vasty Whoop Yeti Have you tried and failed to find a perfect name in the past?

Make it a family event and check out some tips from the experts: Avoid names that sound like common commands Choose names that are one or two syllables Pick a name that youre comfortable repeating a lot Reflect both your unique personality and your dogs character Dont get discouraged if the right name doesnt come to your overnight.

Take time to test out a few with your new pup and find the perfect fit together. If youre still struggling, check out our list of the Top 1200 Pet Names . Pet insurance can be a safety net for you and your pet, helping your pet care budget go further.

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Unique Baby Names for Puppies

These dog names are unusual because they fall at the bottom of the list of Rover’s top 1000 dog names. If you’re looking for a unique dog name, you won’t hear many of these at puppy kindergarten.

Unique Dog Names and Meanings

Our furry buddies deserve to have a fitting name. That name should best reflect their unique look, personality, or the wonderful family they just joined. The list below is a great way to find that perfect name with just the right meaning. Below the list, you’ll find tips and tricks that can help in the naming process. Take your time and read through the list to see which one “clicks” with you. The more you resonate with the name, the better! You may want to also pick several names. Then, wait for a little bit and see which one grows on you and fits your new family member.

Questions & Answers

Choosing a dog name can be tricky and may take some time. Your dog‘s name may not reveal itself very quickly. In addition, your pet’s name should be unique enough that dogs don’t get confused at a dog park. Furthermore, we do not want to give our dogs the same name that our friends have used for their dogs. Names also need staying power, as most dogs live over 10 years. (You can always give a dog a regular name and a nickname as well. . .so if you can’t choose just one. Or pick out several names and give your family member a middle name as well.) So what are some methods to choose the best dog name?Hopefully, this list of tips helps choose a great dog name! If you have other tips or suggestions, please feel free to leave a comment below.

20 Popular Names For Male Dogs

Let’s start by checking out the most popular names boys can have – ones that are trending right now. And then move on to searching for some more original dog name ideas.

The Best Boy Dog Names

If you like the idea of using a person’s name for your dog, now is the time to start writing down your favorite pet names – don’t make a list, just jot them down randomly on a big sheet of paper. Here’s why.

Brainstorming Pet Names

Lists of dog names for males are a great way to get inspiration, and we have a big A-Z for you below, but when you are gathering your initial pool of ideas, I think you’ll find it helpful to use a more random brainstorming technique. With lists, the items in the middle tend to get passed over. Especially if the list is a long one. Brainstorming means finding a theme and jotting down ideas around that theme. And it’s a technique that’s thought to work because it’s how our brains work too, with ideas branching off a central theme. Here’s an example of brainstorming dog boy names using the theme ‘vehicles’Cars, trucks, and motorcycles often have interesting names. I bet you can think of lots more vehicle names that would also make cool male dog names. Notice how this kind of mind map view give all the names an equal chance of getting your attention. You can then put your favorites onto you final shortlist. Here’s an example of some names created around the theme of strength and power

Dominant Dog Names

Names that emphasize strength are popular with large dog breeds. But they can be fun as ironic names for smaller, slimmer built dogs too. Or for owners that never miss leg day!

Male Dog Names With A Boating Theme

Stay in creative mode for a while yet. Finding original dog names for male dogs is very rewarding but you need a decent sized pool of names from which to make your final shortlist. So you’ll probably create several mindmaps, around several different themes A great place to store these name collections is on your phone. Just take a picture of each one for safekeeping. You’ll notice some superhero themes creeping into that list above! Sometimes one theme leads to another so don’t be afraid to grab another sheet of paper or take a photo of your whiteboard, rub it out, and start over with the new theme.We’ll expand on some of these below, and also give you some classic names based around attributes your dog may have such as size, color, and personality types. Okay, let’s take a closer look at the ‘boating’ theme

Big male dog names

Whether you are into heavy metal, rap, or classical music, there is bound to be a theme that’s personal to you. You can can use that theme to brainstorm male dog name ideas. You don’t need to be contrained by the number of musicians you can think of, you can use musical terms, and the instruments they play too! Here are some ideas:Or you could go back a bit further in time with these!You could expand on these themes or jot down some more theme ideas of your own. The more collections you make, the more likely you are to find the perfect name for your puppy. Here are some more traditional name collections now, for you to browse. Keep a pen handy to jot down any that especially appeal to you. We’ll start with male names for big dogs.

Fancy Dog Names

On the opposite end of the spectrum, if your small-breed male puppy is destined to remain cutely compact, then cute boy dog names might reflect his uber-adorable small size. These short names are popular with toy breeds, but again big breeds with tiny names are pretty adorable too. We like the following cute male dog names perfect for Yorkies, Chihuahuas, and other tiny dogs, or dogs that are tiny at heart.

Making A Shortlist

If you have several theme boards, get each family member pick their two favorite names from each board, and write them down on a scrap of paper. Picking your final dogs name boy or girl, is really hard! So with kids you’ll need to be both patient and persistent (setting a time limit can help here). When everyone has made their selection, the pieces of paper can all be folded and placed in a jar. Pick ten out (take turns) and pin those ten up in the kitchen for a few days before making your final choice

Name Picking Game

Another great way to narrow down your shortlist is to pin all your name choices onto a notice board, with each name on a separate note. Each day, each family member gets to remove one name – the name they like the least – from the shortlist. Until there are only three left. Leave those three names up there on the board for a few days more, and if you still can’t agree then fold them up and put them into a box, and get a friend to pick out the winner.

Handsome dog names male dogs will love

If humor is your thing, then choosing a funny name for your pooch could be the perfect option! For example, you could give them a size swap name like we looked at earlier. Or name your pooch after an especially funny fictional character or TV show! Here are some funny male dog names that are sure to raise a few giggles:Another fun way to name is through your pup’s good looks!

Teddy Bear dog names

Cute boy puppy names don’t have to be sickeningly sweet or overly girly to get their point across. In fact, cute dog names for boys can simply be uber cute human names for two-legged boys! After all, who doesn’t love a crazy adorable puppy with an equally adorable name?You can find more original cute dog names male pups will love by building personalized word collections around small things in your home. They don’t have to be names in the traditional sense – think ‘crayon’, ‘peg’ and ‘pocket’. One or two syllables is usually best.

More Unique dog names

Your puppy will be the coolest dog at the park if you give him a handle that reflects a cool person, or an awesome thing! Cool dog names male pups will really suit include:What can be cooler than the unusual?

A to Z Male Dog Names

Good male dog names are easy to pronounce, and don’t sound like any commands you might want them to learn later. Traditional human names are a nice way to find something that flows easily off the tongue. And so are classic names for male dogs, like Hooch, Rex, or Buddy, choices that have been popular for dogs for years. Scroll down to get your ultimate A – Z, or click on the links below to jump straight to your favorite letters. We’ve tried to include a range of names in each group, with something for everyone!You’ll find even more ideas for that letter by clicking the long link below each list.


Awesome! It’s the male dog names that start with A! Check out our full list of dog names that start with A


Crikey! It’s time for the boy dog names that start with C! Check out our full list of animal names that start with C.


Excellent! It’s the male puppy names that start with E! Check out our full list of nice dog names that start with E


Great! Now it’s the male puppy names that start with G! Check out our full list of boy names that start with G


Impressive! These male puppy names start with I! The letter I list contains some of the more unusual names. How many other great names beginning with I can you think of?


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Names by Color

Dog names male characters use on the tv or in film can be popular choices for puppies too. Most of these also make lovely traditionally American dog names too.

Male Dog Names by Category

The nice thing about naming a male puppy is that you can find inspiration in just about anything. Including simple everyday items in your home, and the wider world outdoors. Scroll down for some off the wall, and classic, ways to name your pup.

More very popular male dog names

Don’t forget, you can also find inspiration for unique names for dogs (male or female) in everyday objects. Try brainstorming household items, hobbies, and crafts for very unusual names, such asYou can add a twist with a different spelling. As in Sox instead of socks.

Most popular male dog names

There really are a lot of wonderful names to choose from that will complement your perfect little boy puppy. Here are some really great boy dog names, unique in that they came from our amazing readers. We add to these at regular intervals so don’t forget to add yours!

Best male dog names

The name that you give your dog will follow him around for a lifetime. So finding something that suits you both is important. But whatever you settle on in the end, that will be your dog’s name. And love it or hate it, the rest of the world will quickly just come to associate it with him. So choose something that works for you, and enjoy building that amazing bond with your new furry friend.