Unique Girl Dog Names?

Choosing a name for your female puppy requires a little inspiration and plenty of thought. After all, this is a name that youll be saying to your new puppy every day for years to come. Like baby names, girl dog names trend in popularity. Its unlikely youre meeting a lot of toddlers named Ethel today, and similarly, you probably dont meet too many female dogs named Lassie anymore.

When the movie Frozen came out, there was a 900 percent rise in dogs named for those characters, so there were plenty of Elsa girl puppies in the dog park for a while. Names from movies and book franchises like Twilight, Star Wars , Game of Thrones or the Marvel and Disney universe of characters are always coming in and out of style.

Dont be surprised to encounter girl puppies named Princess , Jasmine , Nala , Arya, or Minnie in the puppy playgroup. Nature-themed girl dog names continue to be popular, with themes like Daisy or Willow. Food- and drink-themed names are also a favorite, with female puppy names like Ginger, Honey and Cookie making the list. (Weve got boy dog names , too.)

A female puppys name is an important part of her training and socialization. These are easiest to say and short enough to keep your girl dogs attention. Consider a female puppy name with hard consonants, which may be easier for dogs to hear than sibilant sounds, like Gracie or Bailey. Try not to choose a girl dog name that sounds similar to a command.

Avoid names like Kit, which sounds like sit, or Poe, which sounds like no. When a dog hears her name, its a signal that whatever is coming next is meant for her. So use her name frequently in a positive context so she doesnt associate it with punishment or anything negative or scary. But, if youre still stuck, this list of our top 100+ girl dog names may help you decide.

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As any dog owner can tell you, getting a furry new family member can be a rewarding and wonderful experience. Whether welcoming a new puppy from a family litter, or adopting a companion from a local shelter, the first step in new dog ownershipafter finding your mutt mateis picking a name that suits your new friend.

Take my own dogs name. Energetic and friendly since he was a puppy, I felt the name Strummer fit his upbeat personality (as well as paying homage to the lead singer of one of my favorite bands).

Dont be afraid to think outside the box and experiment with some names that capture the spirit and personality of your canine. You could take your naming inspiration from a dozen placesa favorite movie character, a Disney princess, even a color from your kids box of crayonsbut why not start by playing the alphabet game to get your creative juices flowing? This list is packed with great female dog names for every letter of the alphabet!

Adele Addie Amber Alexis Aspen Atari Anna Allie Abby Ariel Bambi Billie Birdie Blossom Brooklyn Bailey Biscuit Bonnie Bella Carmella Casey Cherry Cleo Coco Cora Cookie Canyon Cricket Clover

Daisy Demi Diva Dora Dottie Duchess Dixie Dakota Edie Eden Elana Ella Elsa Egypt Emmy Elsie Emiko Ember Fantasia Faye Flora Fifi Freckles Frida

white samoyed dog smiling at camera with fiedl fo flowers in background Gidget Gabby Georgia Ginger Goldie Gretel Gypsy Gia Gigi Haley Haven Holly Honey Hope Hazel Harley Heaven

Ibeza India Indie Ireland Iris Ivy Ivory Indigo Ink Jamie Jersey Jessie Jolene Josie Juno Jasmine Jada Jennifer Kahlua Kallie Karma Kayla Kelsey Kenya Kimono Koko Kiki Kiwi Kinley

Luna Lacy Layla Lexi Liberty Lily Lizzy Lola London Lady Laika Mabel Mackenzie Macy Maggie Mckenna Mika Minnie Mocha Moxie Moki Muppet Natasha Natoya Navi Nikki Nina Nola Nori Nova Nikita

Ocean Oki Olive Oprah Oreo Oxana Opal Onyx Paige Payton Pebbles Penny Pepper Phoebe Piper Pumpkin Peaches Peanut Parsley happy mixed breed dog

Qamra Queenie Quinn Quitara Quizzie Quigley Quartney Qunita Raven Riley Rita River Rosie Roxie Rylie Ritzy Ruby Raina Rivka Raisin Rosemary Saffron Sandy Sasha Scarlet Shadow Shelby Sierra Skye Stella Suki Sydney Seven Sally

Tabitha Tootsie Trixie Trudy Twinkie Tessa Tatum Tori Tina Tilly Tenley Tamara Ursula Uinta Unity Utah Una Utopia Venus Vera Vicky Viper Violet Vixen Vespa Valor

Wanda Waynoka Westlyn Whisper Winnie Willow Winter Willa Winona Xandra Xanti Xena Xiadani Xella Yara Yasmin Yellow Yeska Yola Yosemite Yumi Yuba Yoko Yeardley

Zara Zadie Zena Zipper Zola Zuri Zoe Zelda Short, one or two syllable names are more recognized by dogs, so while Penelope certainly sounds elegant and refined, you may find yourself calling her Penny more often than not. Repeated sounds like the syllable combinations in Koko or Kiki are very easily understood by dogs so they may learn their names faster and respond when called.

Experts recommend using consistency to maximize training and responsiveness from your dog, so choose a name you dont need to shorten. Avoid choosing a name that sounds too similar to another family members name. Tilly sounds an awful lot like Lilly and can lead to confusion on the dogs part and your daughters.

(You want me to do what, Mom? !) Also avoid using names that sound too similar to commands. Britt, Fay, and Gretch obviously might confuse your dog.

(Ok, please dont name your dog Gretch.) Let your dogs unique physical characteristics guide your naming choice. If your dog looks like she has a unibrow, Frida (Khalo) would be a funny dog name.

Sometimes the obvious choice is the color of her coat. Ivory for a fair-furred pooch or Ink for one as black as night. If your dog is long, slender and graceful, consider Moki, a Native American word meaning deer. Have a floppy- eared mutt?

Think literally and go with Muppet. Taking a good long look at your new pet can guide your decision. Its always interesting to see how popular TV shows or movies can make never-before-considered names incredibly cool.

I admit that my love of the show Stranger Things, would make me consider Seven as a name for a female dog. (For the record, Seinfeld s George Costanza was way ahead of the curve; he wanted to name his firstborn Seven after Mickey Mantles jersey number.) Other popular female dog names inspired by pop culture characters include Bella ( Twilight ) and Luna ( Harry Potter ).

Whichever name you choose, make sure you embrace your dogs personality and choose something as beautiful as she is. After all, shell come running to give you kisses every time she hears it for years to come!

Your new dog needs a name, an identity, a signature moniker. Whether its something unique, traditional or totally bizarre, one of these 250 female dog names will be a match to your poochs personality.

Scroll to see full list Daisy Dakota Daphne Darla Delilah Diamond Diva Dixie Dolce Dolly Duchess Dutchess Ella Ellie Elsa Emily Emma Emmy Eva Faith Fiona Foxy Frankie Scroll to see full list Gabby Gemma Georgia Gia Gidget Gigi Ginger Goldie Grace Gracie Greta Gypsy Hailey Haley Hannah Harley Harper Hazel Heidi Hershey Holly Honey Hope Isabella Isabelle Ivy Izzy Jackie Jade Jasmine Jazzy Jenny Jersey Jessie Josie Juno Kali Karma Katie Kaya Kayla Khloe Kiki Kira Koko Kona

Scroll to see full list Lacey Lacy Lady Laila Layla Leia Leila Lexi Lexie Libby Liberty Lilly Lily Lizzie Lizzy Lola Lucky Lucy Lulu Luna Mabel Macy Maddie Maddy Madison Maggie Maggie Mae Maisy Mandy Marley Matilda Mattie Maya Mia Mika Mila Miley Millie Mimi Minnie Missy Misty Mitzi Mocha Mollie Molly Morgan Moxie Muffin Murphy Mya Nala Nellie Nikki Nina Nola Olive Olivia Oreo Paisley Paris Peaches Peanut Pearl Pebbles Penelope Penny Pepper Phoebe Piper Pippa Pixie Polly Poppy Precious Princess Pumpkin Scroll to see full list Raven Reese Riley Rose Rosie Roxie Roxy Ruby Sadie Sage Sally Samantha Sammie Sammy Sandy Sara Sarah Sasha Sassy Savannah Scarlet Scarlett Scout Shadow Sheba Shelby Shiloh Sierra Sissy Sky Skye Snickers Sofie Sophia Sophie Star Stella Sugar Suki Summer Sunny Sunshine Sweetie Sydney Shadow Simba Simon Smokey Snickers Snoopy Sonny Sparky Spencer Spike Stanley Sunny Scroll to see full list Tasha Tess Tessa Tilly Tinkerbell Tootsie Trixie Violet Willow Winnie Xena Zelda Ziva Zoe Zoey

Trending Female Dog Name Themes

Popular culture is always a trending theme for female dog names. When the movie “Frozen” came out, there was a 900 percent rise in dogs named for those characters, so there were plenty of “Elsa” girl puppies in the dog park for a while. Names from movies and book franchises like “Twilight,” “Star Wars,” “Game of Thrones” or the Marvel and Disney universe of characters are always coming in and out of style. Don’t be surprised to encounter girl puppies named “Princess,” “Jasmine,” “Nala,” “Arya,” or “Minnie” in the puppy playgroup.Nature-themed girl dog names continue to be popular, with themes like “Daisy” or “Willow.” Food- and drink-themed names are also a favorite, with female puppy names like “Ginger,” “Honey” and “Cookie” making the list. If you’re looking for a more original name for your girl dog and want to steer clear of popular female dog names, try out these unique dog names. (We’ve got boy dog names, too.)

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