Tibetan Terrier Poodle Mix?

What is a Toodle dog?

Temperament: Intelligent, energetic, adaptable. The Ttoodle is a mixed breed that you can create by mating a Tibetan Terrier with a Poodle. It’s a medium-sized dog that can weigh up to 50 pounds with soft, cuddly fur and an intelligent mind capable of learning complex tricks.

Is there a terrier poodle mix?

A terrier poodle mix is a dog that has one parent that is a poodle and the other parent is a breed from the terrier group. The most popular of the terrier poodle crossbreds are; the Yorkiepoo, the Westiepoo, the Schoodle and the Whoodle. But you can find all types of terrier poodle mixes.

What is a Poodle terrier mix called?

The Terripoo is a cross between the Australian Terrier and the miniature Poodle. Intelligent, intuitive, and playful, these small dogs make excellent family pets. Terripoos are also known as Terri Poos, Terridoodles, and Terrypoos.

What is the best poodle mix dog?

Maltipoo. Parents: Maltese x Toy Poodle. ….Goldendoodle. Parents: Golden Retriever x Poodle. ….Cockapoo. Parents: Cocker Spaniel x Poodle. ….Labradoodle. Parents: Labrador Retriever x Poodle. ….Yorkipoo. Parents: Yorkshire Terrier x Poodle. ….Schnoodle. Parents: Schnauzer x Poodle. ….Akipoo. ….Pomapoo.