Teddy Guinea Pig for Sale?

How much does a teddy guinea pig cost?

How Much Do Teddy Guinea Pigs Cost. Teddy guinea pigs are affordable pets compared to many other options on the market, selling at between $10 and $30. The cost of a teddy guinea pig can vary depending on exactly where you purchase one from, what their health condition is, and how long they have been for sale.

Where can I find a teddy guinea pig?

Teddy guinea pigs are not as commonly seen as some other types of guinea pigs but they are still readily available at many pet stores as well as from breeders. Sometimes they may even be available at rescue organizations. Expect to pay between $15 and $40 for a teddy guinea pig.

Do Teddy guinea pigs stink?

Keep your Teddy’s cage clean to manage pet-related odor. Like your home, if the guinea pig’s living quarters are neglected then they will smell too. Clean their cage thoroughly every week and bathe your guinea pig occasionally to help keep odors under control.

How long do teddy bear guinea pigs live?

The teddy bear guinea pig costs a little more than the average guinea pig and is somewhat smaller. The teddy bear’s life span ranges from 4 to 5 years and can extend up to 7 years under ideal conditions. Larger guinea pig breeds have been known to live more than 8 years, sometimes with the oldest 11 years old.