Small Breed Dogs That Dont Shed?

What breed of dog stays small and doesn't shed?

1. Bichon Frise. Bichon Frise, a name that translates to “curly lap dog” in French, is a petite, easy-to-maintain breed characterized by a hypoallergenic coat that doesn’t shed and only has to be clipped every so often.

What is the healthiest non shedding small dog?

Maltese. When it comes to small dogs that don’t shed, the Maltese sheds the least, so no wonder it became such a popular dog in the past years. ….Bichon Frise. ….Poodle. ….Chinese Crested. ….Shih Tzu. ….Coton de Tulear. ….Miniature Schnauzer. ….Silky Terrier.

What is the cheapest small non shedding dog?

Mexican Hairless. ….Glen of Imaal Terrier. ….Yorkshire Terrier. ….Miniature Schnauzer. ….Havanese. ….Pug. ….Skye Terrier. Skye Terriers are obedient and loyal, making them a breeze to train. ….Australian Shepherd. No low-maintenance dog breeds list would be complete without the Australian Shepherd.

What small breed of dog is low-maintenance?

The chihuahua is the perfect dog to accommodate a working professional’s lifestyle. Its humble appetite, low-maintenance coat and toy size suit apartment life, away from children who may be too heavy-handed. The breed can be fiercely loyal to one master, making it a dedicated companion to older owners who live alone.