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Obesity is not just a human epidemic. Today, there are more overweight cats than ever before. Obesity is a problem because it can have a significant impact on your pretty kitty’s overall health. Cat joints wear down over time, causing pain and discomfort. Additional weight only accelerates joint damage. When your cat is overweight, that weight follows him as he jumps from furniture, your bed or his cat condo. That weight wears out his joints, causing joint damage and eventually leading to cat arthritis. You can help your cat maintain a healthy diet with cat hip and joint food, even if you work at an office during the day. Many pet parents leave cat food out for their cat while they work. This allows cats to feed whenever they feel like it, but this can lead to overeating. A slow feed cat bowl can help. A slow feed bowl not only decreases the amount your cat eats, but often also requires him to stretch his brain muscles. The PetRageous Designs Metro Stripes Slow Feeder Pet Bowl is a cat food bowl designed to be functional, durable and attractive. This bowl has raised bumps inside the bowl to help slow down your little one while they’re eating. Less gulping means a lower chance of gas and bloating. The Ethical Pet Slow Feeder for cats is another great slow feeding option. It comes in three fun colors green, purple and blue. Its unique spiral shape promotes slow eating, reducing the risk of choking, regurgitation, bloating and obesity. The design requires that your cat nudge his food through the spiral, utilizing his natural foraging instincts. The non-skid rubber ring on the bottom keeps the cat bowl in place, so it doesn’t skid all over the floor while your cat is attempting to eat. Find these slow eating cat bowls and weight control cat food more at Chewy. Whether you need a new interactive cat toy, a new litter box, some cat treats or just some cat litter Chewy’s online pet store is sure to have great deals on all of the best cat supplies.

Do slow feeder bowls work for cats?

A: Yes, cats can use slow feeder bowls to reduce the speed at which they eat. These bowls make cats work for their food and limit the amount of food available to them at any one time.

Is a tilted bowl better for cats?

The slanted cat bowls are also good for normal cats as it will further prevent the cats from getting any further complications in their neck or back that might cause digestive issues in them. Additionally, the tilted cat bowls will also make it easier to get the food due to the slanted angle.

Are deep bowls good for cats?

Consider the depth of cat bowls.. Cats prefer dishes and bowls that are fairly shallow and wide. When cats stick their faces too far into bowls to eat, they may experience discomfort, Krieger says.

Investing in a slow feeder cat bowl can be ideal if you have a feline furkid who gobbles down their food in a matter of seconds. Not only can slow feeder bowls minimize the risk of overeating, vomiting, and bloating, but they can also help make mealtimes more fun by providing your kitty with some much needed mental stimulation.

If your kitty is prone to vomiting their food back up again, this can also cause nutritional deficiencies where they miss out on the essential vitamins and minerals they need to thrive. They can also help make mealtimes challenging, providing mental enrichment for you kitty as they work to release their food. Because they feature a variety of shapes designed to make it more difficult for your cat to get their food, eating becomes an interactive activity that can banish boredom and reduce anxiety. Slower eating equals less risk of vomiting which means fewer messes for you to clean up. Outward Hound has built a range of slow feeder bowls that come in different sizes, designs, and colors meaning there will be something that is an ideal fit for your cat. The Blue Notch has multiple ridges and valleys and is one of the simpler designs with a capacity for two cups of wet or dry food. For large cats try out the Large/Regular range which measures 12.5 x 11 x 2.3 inches and offers a similar set of patterns. What you will find is a bright, fish-shaped mat with ribs and ridges everywhere to help enrich – and slow down – the feeding experience and relieve boredom and anxiety at the same time. Neatly named Casper and Felix you have the choice of two mat designs and the option of three colors – green, orange, and turquoise. Both mat designs have a low profile and provide an intricate selection of small and larger sections where you can add your fur friend’s favorite food. The combination of ridges, sections, soft rubber, and low profile make these mats a great choice for spreading out wet food. The low profile helps leave whiskers untouched and slows down the eating process. The Wave Fun Feeder is a small 5.5 x 5.5-inch plastic pet-friendly bowl that is BPA, PVC, and Phthalate free, so it’s safe to eat from. It gets its name from the one-inch high ridges that imitate waves and create a simple maze to place up to three-quarters of a cup of your fur friend’s favorite wet or dry food in. The non-slip base means if your cat chooses to scoop out their food with their paws it won’t keep slipping away from them. Made from the same materials, the Fishie Fun is a simple smaller fish-shaped mat that holds up to half a cup of food. This looks to bring out a cat’s natural hunting instincts and give them a new challenge with a trio of grooves, pegs, and mini bowl. There is a load of smooth fish-shaped ridges – so they won’t scratch your cat’s tongue and mouth – that vary in height. This adds variety when feeding and gives a challenge to your fur friends, which will ultimately slow down their eating. The top bowl is where the eating happens while the bottom half acts as a wide base to ensure it won’t tip over and make a mess. Flip it over and you have a perfectly good water bowl – again with a wide base so there’s less spillage. However, it does mean you will need to get two bowls if you want food and water at the same time, but its multi-purpose nature still gives you choices. To make the bowl slow feeder friendly a trio of obstructions sit in the bottom. This gives more surface to spread your fur friends’ favorite food and ultimately stop them gulping down their dinner far too quickly. There are four anti-skid pads on the bottom of the bowl to prevent it from slipping away while your cat is trying to get their paws and jaws on its tasty treats. The bowl boasts a host of attractive fish-shaped obstructions which are typical of any good cat slow feeder. These slow down the consumption of any food which improves digestion and can help stop your kitty cat from choking. They are specifically designed with a smooth rounded surface, so no sharp edges to scratch your cat’s mouth and tongue. If you have a small cat or a kitten, you don’t need a bowl that is five times the size of its head and easy to eat from.

Fast eaters can have a whole bunch of related problems, from vomiting to stomach discomfort. Gulping down food quickly can also act as a choking hazard to your cat.

In this article, I will run through the best cat food bowls to slow down eating on the market today so that you can relax when it comes to feeding time and stop having to clean vomit off the floor – hoorah! Although this is my favorite cat puzzle bowl, plenty more are available online, so I have reviewed some other fabulous products to suit all budgets and needs. For food bowls, ceramic or stainless steel are the better options as they are long-lasting and won’t harbor bad bacteria as easily as plastic. Fun Toy: Slow feed bowls are also interactive, and your cat must complete the puzzle to free their food. Therefore, the more fun and engaging the toy, the more your cat will take to their new food bowl, plus it provides them with interesting mental stimulation. If you feed your cat wet food, you will need to choose a product that is specifically designed to handle this. The clever design of this bowl promotes healthy eating and prevents cats from gulping down their food. Materials like this beat plastic any day as the surfaces are near impossible to scratch, and grooves from claw marks often act as a breeding ground for bad bacteria. However, there are rubber slip-proof feet on the base which makes it a lot more difficult for cats to move the bowl around the floor. Fun and stimulating fishpond design Available in three different colors Easy to clean and dishwasher safe Anti-slip rubber feet to prevent the bowl from tipping Made of non-toxic food-grade material Melamine is strong, durable, and scratch-resistant Fun and entertaining fishpond puzzle Successfully slows down eating Made from durable high-quality ceramic Has a heavy weight of 1.8lbs so cannot be tipped over A more interactive and mentally stimulating take on a cat food bowl to slow eating is the Pioneer Pet SmartCat Feeder. While taking a day or two to transition, your cat will end up loving this bowl as feeding times becomes more enjoyable and more alike to hunting in the wild. While providing this stimulation, the bowl simultaneously slows eating as only a few pieces of kibble will be able to be reached at once. This means your cat will eat at a healthier speed and be less prone to bloating, indigestion, and vomiting. Despite the unique enclosed design, it is still easy to pour food into the bowl through the funnel at the top. This makes it near impossible for cats to tip over or move around the room, keeping any mess contained. Unique and innovative take on slow feeder bowls Reduces feeding speed to prevent bloating, indigestion, and vomiting Built-in funnel to easily pour in food Weighs 2.2lbs to prevent tipping Made from 100% ceramic which is both safe and durable Available in three different colors This way, your cat will have to use their tongue and lick the mat to get pieces of food out, stopping them from gulping down their entire dinner in one. As Lickimat promotes licking, it also has health benefits in addition to better digestion and reduced vomiting. Licking stimulates the production of saliva , which is important in protecting your pet’s teeth and gums and removes pieces of food stuck to their tongues to help reduce bad breath. This is totally safe for cats and dishwasher friendly, but the tiny grooves can make cleaning more challenging. Compatible with wet cat food Extremely affordable Slows eating for better digestion and reduced vomiting Promotes good dental health and reduces bad breath Encourages interest in feeding time Made from food-grade rubber Dishwasher safe Available in two designs and three colors Supervision required when eating as the rubber is chewable Small grooves are difficult to clean Using multiple tubes to simulate natural pawing behavior , this slow cat feeder helps greedy eaters consume their food at a healthier pace. Unlike other products, this not only reduces the speed at which your cat eats but also activates their senses to encourage instinctive behaviors indoors. Many other slow feeders have a lot of hard-to-reach nooks and crannies, but this is not the case with this cat puzzle bowl and all the tubes have rounded edges. The main downside of this feeder is that it is made from plastic and so is more prone to scratch marks and lacks durability. Also, despite not being made from a heavy material such as ceramic, there is a rubber base to stop it from moving around the room. Stimulates natural pawing behaviors Super easy to clean with no had to reach places Made from BPA-free material Rubber base to prevent it from being moved around the room Tubes can be arranged in multiple ways so your cat never gets bored They also put cat’s mouths in a better position in relation to their stomach when eating, helping them swallow more easily and vomit less. Combined with the slow feeder protrusions, this bowl is great at promoting healthy eating . As far as the material goes, this bowl is made from sturdy melamine, which is lead and cadmium free, anti-corrosive, rustproof, and is safe for cats. Two bowls and a silicone mat included Elevated and so ideal for elderly cats Vomiting prevented due to the raised design and slow feeder bumps Made from safe and durable melamine Easy to clean Heavy and cannot be knocked over or moved around Although I think the products on this list are great, I have also made this handy buying guide so that you know what to look out for if you do decide to shop around. All these features are what make the difference between a slow cat feeder that works, and one that doesn’t solve your problems. Usually, rubber or silicone on the base works well and prevents your cat from being able to slide the bowl across the floor. You will find cat bowls made from everything from plastic to stainless steel, and from ceramic to clay. These can be sharp on your cat’s tongue and cause them pain, and also act as a breeding ground for bad bacteria, which is far from ideal. This way, you can rest assured that your cat is not going to be picking up any infections from poorly washed food bowls. Nowadays, most cat food bowls are dishwasher safe which makes cleaning a breeze. Slow feeders promote eating at a healthy pace and so reduce bloating and related digestion issues. By shoveling food down their throats so quickly, they do not have time to register if they are full or not, and before you know it their bowl is empty. Obese cats are more prone to several major health problems, such as mobility and joint issues, diabetes, heart disease, and a reduced immune system. Slow feeders are specifically designed to stimulate these hunting instincts, thus preventing boredom. Entertained and happy cats are less likely to exhibit disruptive behaviors, which is great news for your furniture! Another option is to use an automatic cat feeder instead to schedule smaller meals at a set frequency.