Red Leatherback Bearded Dragon?

How big do red leatherback bearded dragons get?

On average, leatherback bearded dragons tend to reach between 16 and 22 inches in length. However, some may fall slightly outside of this bracket, with some owners reporting 25 inches in length when fully grown! This size includes the length of their tail.

Are red bearded dragons rare?

Some are darker with brown shades of red and others are vivid red. There are also ruby red bearded dragons that are a much darker and deeper red. Red and ruby red morphs are highly sought after and very expensive when compared to other morphs in this list.

Are leatherback bearded dragons aggressive?

Leatherback Bearded Dragons make good pets because they are stunning, docile, and pretty suited for handling. When compared to other reptiles, Leatherback Bearded Dragons are suited to humans and aren’t aggressive.

What is the rarest bearded dragon?

Extremely rare, the zero bearded dragon morph is completely lacking of patterns and colors. These white bearded dragons are growing in popularity.