Rabbit Burrow in Yard?

What do you do if you find a rabbit burrow in your yard?

If you’ve discovered a nest that’s been disturbed, take a peek at the babies. Unless the little rabbits are visibly injured (bleeding or nonfunctioning limbs, for example) or obviously suffering, it’s best not to touch or move them, Comer advises. Cover the nest and leave the babies alone.

What does it mean when a rabbit digs a hole in your yard?

A Summary. Digging is a natural behavior for rabbits, both wild and domestic. It creates somewhere safe for them to sleep, give birth, and shelter from predators. Digging is also a great form of exercise for your domestic rabbit.

Is it bad to have rabbits in your yard?

Typically, rabbit damage can create big problems for yards. They gnaw plants down to the root and concentration of urine can create brown spots in lawns. … The rabbits don’t eat the root system, so your lawn has a great chance of coming back.