Purple Lavender Ball Python?

What makes a lavender ball python?

Lavender pythons (Python regius) are a form of albino ball python, but with lavender base color rather than white. … In lavender albino pythons, the yellow markings are often deeper and richer than in the regular albino. Regular, high contrast and lavender albinos display tyrosinase-negative (t-) albinism.

How much does a lavender ball python cost?

Typically, ball pythons are some of the most affordable snakes on the market. But Lavender Albino morphs are quite rare and difficult to produce. Hence, they cost many times more than a standard ball python. You should expect to spend around $400 for a Lavender Albino variation of a ball python.

How much does a purple passion ball python cost?

How Much Do Purple Passion Ball Pythons Cost? Most common Ball Pythons go for as little as $50, but on average, they will cost $80-$100. The more exotic morphs naturally will cost more, with Purple Passion morphs going for $400-$500 on average.