Pudelpointer Puppies for Sale?

Do you wish that you had a truly versatile hunting dog? A dog that can hunt almost anything, is almost non-shedding, and still be a gentle family pet and great companion?

Are Pudelpointers hypoallergenic?

The Pudelpointer is an interesting hunting dog in that he originated from the Pudel, or German Hunting Poodle, the English Pointer and other Pointing breeds. He is a hypoallergenic breed and a versatile hunter. He is a gentle dog and loves receiving attention and affection.

Are Pudelpointers easy to train?

Pudelpointers are easy to train and can be trained by the average owner who puts in the time and effort.

Are Pudelpointers affectionate?

Just as its desire and drive for the hunt is strong, its affection and love for the people around it is equally formidable. It won’t mind snuggling up close to its master for as long as its work is done. They only require one thing from their owner: time.

Though the breed makes a great hunting companion, they have never really gained popularity in America because they are not accepted by the American Kennel Club (AKC).

Developed in 1881 by a German breeder, these dogs were created to be intelligent, willing to learn, and good retrievers who love the water. In the breeds beginning, it is said that Baron von Zedlitz used seven certain German Hunting poodles and almost 100 pointers.

You can view the North American Pudelpointer Alliances website where you will find information on the breed and a list of qualified breeders around the country. Evergreen Gundogs is a very serious breeder that strives to improve the advancement of the breed. This is a small family breeder located in the beautiful state of Oregon.

They follow the guidelines set by the NAPS, and you can feel free to ask them any questions about their kennel and upcoming litters. They have had many Pudelpointers grow up with their family expanding their hunting skills and giving them a loving home. Since they are rather uncommon, it may be difficult to find PudelPointers for sale, so begin your search today!

Whether you are looking for a skilled hunting dog or a faithful family dog, the Pudelpointer is everything youve been searching for. A cross of a German poodle and an English pointer, the breed is well known to be one of the best if not the very best versatile hunting breeds available. As intelligent and adept as Pudelpointers are in the field, they are an equally excellent companion in the home. There is no better breed for both a gun dog and a family dog.

Expecting moms have private whelping rooms equipped with every amenity to keep them and their puppies safe and comfortable. Our facilities are located on 50 continual acres which include various terrain, training pond, and an artesian well feeding a cold water creek.

I joined the North American Versatile Hunting Dog Association (NAVHDA) and entered Bo in the natural ability test. “Our dogs are not just our hunting companions, but are a part of our daily lives, and are included in our adventures all over the United States.

The people behind this breed were looking for a multi-purpose dog. To achieve this they used the English Pointer, a breed known for its superior nose, drive, intensity and stamina. They mixed this with the standard poodle, (known in its native land of Germany as the Pudel) a breed known for its intelligence, water retrieving, and love of man.