Pictures of Leopard Geckos?

Do leopard geckos bite you?

They are neither too big nor too aggressive but can bite when mishandled or aggravated in any way. However, one needs to remember that Leopard Gecko bites are very uncommon and hardly hurt. Unless and until there’s a reason for biting, Leopard Geckos never bite. And even if they bite, their bites don’t draw out blood.

How big do leopard geckos get?

Adults are typically 16.5-20 cm (6.5-8 inches) long. Mature male geckos weigh between 60-90 grams. Females may be as light as 45 grams. At birth, leopard geckos weigh 6-8 grams.

What is bad for leopard geckos?

What food is toxic to Leopard Geckos? Bugs that light up are toxic to Leopard Geckos: The most harmful insects are bugs that light up (like Lightning Bugs and Fireflies). These bugs contain chemicals which are extremely toxic to geckos and should never be used as a food source.

How much does a leopard gecko cost?

Leopard geckos have a wide price range. You can easily buy one for as little as $15, or as much as $3,000. However, the price of a pet leopard gecko is typically $30 to $75. If you are buying from a local pet store, PetSmart or Petco you should not be paying more than $50.