Pictures of Baby Turtles?

What better way to shell-ebrate World Turtle Day to round up the most adorable photos of baby turtles in our community? As you can see from the pictures we gathered, these cute hatchlings start off as the size of Ping-Pong balls, theyre quite bold and daring. Did you know that the first few steps they make in their lives involve a fearless dash across the sea shore from where they were hatched? Bravest babies on earth!

Baby turtle = commonly called hatchling. This post is dedicated to the appreciation and protection efforts of our hard-shelled reptilian friends.

Baby turtle coming through. Now that these pictures of baby turtles have made their way into your heart, make room for these possum pictures for even more cuteness.

Theres no shame in needing a little pick-me-up and we have you covered. You may normally turn to baby animal pictures or even puppy pictures when youre in need of a smile, but these pictures of baby turtles will absolutely do the trick.

If youre anything like me, you may not have realized how tiny these little guys are, especially when many of them grow to be so large. Hold on tight, because youre about to fall in love with these precious and heartwarming creatures. MUNIR UZ ZAMAN/Getty Images

Peter Byrne – PA Images/Getty Images Jake Olson Studios/Getty Images Soft hands make a great napping spot.

Are these pictures of baby turtles making you want one? Margarita Mara Schilcher Gaitn/Getty Images Dont make me go back in my shell.

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Come out, guys!

We hope you can hatch soon. It’s nice out here!


Do these spikes make me look intimidating?Konstantin Trubavin/Getty ImagesThey’re so tiny, I need my glasses to see them!

allenkayaa/Getty Images

Are these pictures of baby turtles making you want one?Margarita María Schilcher Gaitán/Getty ImagesDon’t make me go back in my shell.