Petco Guinea Pig Cage?

Are pet store cages good for guinea pigs?

Store bought cages will always be the best option as long as they are sized at least 7.5 square feet for one guinea pig or 10.5 square feet for two. The main benefit of cages meant for rodents is their ventilation. With large sized gaps in the bars your piggy should not have a problem with over heating.

How much does a cage cost for a guinea pig?

If you choose to buy a cage from a store (rather than making one yourself), the price can vary, starting from $25 and going up to around $300. You can order a relatively inexpensive 7.5-sq. -ft cage from for around $50.00. For this example, however, let’s use $80 as an average starter cage price.

How big of a cage do you need for 6 guinea pigs?

What size cage do I need for 6 guinea pigs. If you have a larger herd of 6 guinea pigs, you’ll need 18.5 square ft as a minimum (1.7 square metres). This is a very large cage to have in your home but if you can manage a bigger one measuring 21 square ft (2 square metres) that is even better.