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What are all the parts of a saddle?

The top of a Western horse saddle consists of the underlying tree, the pommel, seat, cantle, and skirt.

What are 10 parts of a saddle?


What are four parts of a saddle?

Pommel. So, the pommel is the front of your saddle. ….Seat. The seat of a saddle, as can be expected, is where you sit. ….Cantle. The cantle of the saddle is the back of it. ….Flaps and Billets. A saddle can either be duo-flap or mono-flap. ….Stirrup Leathers. ….Stirrups. ….Grab Strap and Croup Strap. ….Girth.

What is the under side of a saddle called?

SKIRT. The skirt of the saddle is the large piece of leather or other material – depending on the saddle – that sits underneath the seat of the saddle.