Normal Horse Heart Rate?

What heart rate is too high for a horse?

Any heart rate over 40 bpm warrants a call to your veterinarian. A heart rate over 60 bpm indicates a severe condition and should be treated as an emergency. A normal respiratory rate for an adult horse is 8-15 breaths per minute (bpm).

How do you check a horse's heart rate?

In order to take your horse’s heart rate, stand on the horse’s left side. Place a stethoscope on the horse’s chest, tucked just under the elbow. Count the number of full beats for 15 seconds, then multiply the number by 4. If a horse’s heart rate is elevated at rest, an equine veterinarian should be consulted.

How do you measure a horse's respiration rate?

This can be taken by looking at the abdomen/flank area of the horse to look at the rise and fall. An inhale followed by the exhale equals one breath. Similar to the heart rate, count the number of breaths for 15 seconds and multiply the amount by four to calculate the breaths per minute.