My Leopard Gecko Won T Eat?

Is it normal for my leopard gecko to not eat?

It’s normal for your leopard gecko to stop eating a few days before they shed, as well as a few days after they shed. If you’ve watched their shedding process, they actually eat their own skin. … But if this continues, you will want to take your gecko to a reptile vet.

How do I force my leopard gecko to eat?

Force-feeding your leopard gecko should only come as a last resort, but if you must, use a syringe filled with a mixture of chicken or turkey baby food, or crushed up mealworms or crickets. Gently hold your gecko, apply some of the mixtures to its face, squeezing a little out at a time.

How long can a leopard gecko go without eating?

The typical adult leopard gecko can go between 10 and 14 days without food, surviving on the fat they store in their tails. On the other hand, young geckos can only survive a maximum of 10 days without food, as they do not have as much fat in their tails as adults do.

Will a leopard gecko starve itself?

A leopard gecko will not starve itself to death. It might refuse to eat when it has stored enough energy in its tail but will start eating again when that energy is used up. Leopard geckos that refuse to eat even though they are starving are usually sick or suffering from an incorrect tank setup.