Male vs Female Polish Chickens?

How do you tell if a Polish chicken is a hen or rooster?

Hens have shorter upright tails, where roosters have long arching feathers that curve over. If the feathers are black in color, they will also have a beautiful blue-green iridescent sheen. The hens have a very calm and docile disposition which is also common in many males.

Do female Polish chickens have combs and wattles?

Do Polish hens have WATTLES? Polish hens should appear to have a small V-shaped comb. When it comes to wattles and earlobes, they are small and often hidden from sight in the bearded and muffed varieties of the breed. Further, the combs and wattles come brightly colored, usually in red and they have white earlobes.

What does a Polish chicken rooster look like?

Some variations of this chicken will be bearded and have profusions and tufts of feathers around the entire head and face, while a Polish rooster will have a red V-shaped comb. … The chicken’s earlobes are bright white, and the wattles are bright red, while the legs are gray, and there are four toes on each foot.

What age do Polish roosters crow?

What Age Do Polish Roosters Crow? The age a rooster will first crow varies on the breed, but in general they typically will begin crowing at about four or five months of age, some late bloomers even at 8 months.