Male Dog Names With Meaning?

Youve bought your new male puppy and the time has come to make that big decision. You know. The one that will stay with you for the next decade or so. So here you are searching all over the internet looking for unique boy dog names.

I know because I have done this myself many times (I even had to write a list of female dog names so I could cover all bases!) To make things a little easier for you, I have laid out the following names for a boy dog in alphabetical order (I even found some beginning with X!)

I suggest that you take your time as you look through these boy dog names. It is easy to become overwhelmed when choosing a unique name for your dog one that the entire family will have to love and so narrowing the search down to three or four names will make things a whole lot easier for you. You dont want to be walking with your dog at the local pooch hang out and hear the same name being called more than once.

Try to keep the name that you choose for your boy dog to no more than two syllables or a maximum of three. Any more and you may find it quite a mouthful when you are trying to socialise him and get him to learn the basic commands of training! Check out our small dog names boy section at the end of the post.

If you have chosen to buy a big white dog breed then naming him Ebony or Nero (very popular male dog names) might not quite cut the mustard. Choose a name that will suit your boy dog for many years to come and one that you dont have to spend explaining the meaning behind to every stranger that asks! Without further ado, the finest list of boy dog names and meanings:

Get ready to make a shortlist of all the unique boy dog names! Are you looking for a way to quickly & easily CRATE TRAIN your new puppyWITHOUT spending $$$ on fancy courses or long-winded books? Originated from Robert the Bruce, who became the king of Scotland in the 14th century

Bronson Middle English origin meaning son of the brown man Benson British origin meaning son of Ben Chase Originating from the middle ages in England, meaning hunter

Cesar Derived from the Latin word Caesaries, meaning head of hair (perfect for a dog with a beautiful coat such as the Bernese breed !) Cyrus Derived from the Greek form Kyros meaning king or lord Colt British origin meaning frisky young horse

Originally derived from the name Durante, which means lasting, enduring. Dawson British origin meaning son of David Draco Latin for dragon and made popular by the Harry Potter films

Fletcher Middle English origin meaning arrow maker Hank Old German origin meaning home ruler Jax British origin meaning son of Jack

Kinslee British origin meaning kings meadow Kye Welsh, Scandinavian, Greek and Gaelic origin meaning keeper of the keys, Earth, narrow, or straight Mateo Hebrew origin meaning gift of God

Nixon British origin meaning son of Nicholas Nash British origin meaning by the ash tree Odin was the god of Norse mythology, identified with art, culture and war

Meaning Bear Is this the perfect name for this boy dog? In Greek mythology, Perseus was the son of Zeus and Danae Quinto Latin origin meaning fifth born son

River A popular British name for people who love nature Roland German origin meaning renowned land The name is best known for the star crossed lover from William Shakespeare famous play

Todd Middle English origin meaning fox Tyson French origin meaning high spirited Ulrik German origin meaning power of the wolf

Uri Hebrew origin meaning my light, my flame Usher Latin origin meaning river mouth Tell me when you have chosen the perfect boy dog name for me and Ill let you know what I think

Winston British origin meaning joyful stone Wilmer Old German origin meaning strong desire Xavier Spanish origin meaning bright and splendid

Xeno Greek origin, meaning foreign voice Zane Hebrew origin meaning God is gracious Are you looking for a way to quickly & easily CRATE TRAIN your new puppyWITHOUT spending $$$ on fancy courses or long-winded books?

and are looking around for cute boy dog names then take look through this list and see if there is something that would suit your young chap! Coco Spanish origin derived from the word Socorro meaning help Otis Derived from the old German word Odo meaning riches

Tommy An Aramaic name meaning twin (great if you have two dogs!) From the smallest to the shortest, here are ten names that would suit small dogs whatever their breed! Bolt Made famous by the little white dog from the Pixar movie with the same name

Artoo A fictional character from the Star Wars films Alfie Derived from the old English name Alfred which means wise counsel Dobby Character from Harry Potter which means benevolent elf

Max Bear Charlie Toby Lucky Cooper Loki Teddy Rocky Finn A word of advice when choosing the best name for your dog you wont be able to please everyone! You may find a name for your boy that you thought was lovely and then you make the mistake of asking the next-door neighbour or your regular pet sitter .

Pick the name that you love the most, run it by the immediate family members and then go for it!

What is a unique name for a male dog?


What are some meaningful dog names?

Constantia: Steadfast, constant (Latin).Evadne: Pleasing (Greek).Jocosa: Merry (English).Aloha: Hello and goodbye (Hawaiian).Galatea: Milk white, mythical statue come to life (Greek).Hannah: Favored one (Hebrew).Bellatrix: Female warrior (Latin)

Our furry buddies deserve to have a fitting name. That name should best reflect their unique look, personality, or the wonderful family they just joined. The list below is a great way to find that perfect name with just the right meaning. Below the list, you’ll find tips and tricks that can help in the naming process. Take your time and read through the list to see which one “clicks” with you. The more you resonate with the name, the better! You may want to also pick several names. Then, wait for a little bit and see which one grows on you and fits your new family member.

He has written numerous articles and a book about the topic because he loves dogs. Find your next male puppy name here!

Find a fun name that suits your furry companion. NameMeaningOne, single unit; poker card Version of the name Alfred; counselor, guide

From “Ali Baba and The Forty Thieves” Type of animal with soft fur This can be like Andre the Giant (wrestler)

Destroyer; can be reference to Rocky films or Greek mythology; also space missions Money in Panama; famous movie character Number of famous movie and TV actors

Famous villain in Batman shows Ranch or farm with grass (Fun FYI: an extravagant auto made by Rolls Royce) Indigenous North African people

Either a type of small bread or cookie, depending on US vs. UK Snow storm that can often cause white outs (can’t see) Famous comedy film character

A person who makes beverages; very male oriented Famous TV character; confused for type of grass From the outbuildings or barns (Fun FYI: Lord Byron was a writer additionally known for his luxurious and untamed life)

Type of cover that hides; also a walk on role Large ground opening often cut by glaciers Free man (Fun FYI: Charlie Chaplin was a famous performer in early Hollywood)

Star Wars character (furry, brown) Dog, Wolf (Fun FYI: Funnyman Conan OBrien and Conan the Barbarian are popular examples of this name) NameMeaningFirst name of famous driver

Play on words, think of calling small dog a Great Dane Everlasting (Fun FYI: famous poet) Towards the right side (also famous fictional killer)

Slang for Dingo and silly person To put on or wear; slang for “to beat up” Irish name that combines “dark” and “stranger”

Famous character from Game of Thrones Famous character from a number of movies Famous video game character

Type of bird that eats rodents Brand of guitar, part on a car Name of character from the TV show The Office

An item presented to show good intention (collateral) Type of root and Chinese tree A mechanical gadget or thingamajig; a contraption (Movie FYI: The name of the adorable Gremlin from 1980s film)

German word meaning from a gray forest Beer; famous records book; calling an actor versatile Type of food, relative to motion (gyroscope)

Famous wrestler, Navajo hut with logs and dirt Dazzling (Fun FYI: Most people know this name through The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, written by Robert Louis Stevenson) NameMeaningBlazing one (Fun FYI: Many people know this name through vocalist and lyricist Iggy Pop)

The place where there are Indians (Fun FYI: People know this name from racing and the movie Raiders of the Lost Ark.) From Star Wars villain, describes lazy dog Famous rocker; someone who owns stable of pack horses

Latin meaning is black gem To bring bad luck or ill fortune; Usually used for cats, but can be used for funky dogs Local medicine man or cleric (Fun FYI: “Big Kahuna” was utilized in 1960s beach party movies)

Musical toy, can be used for silly dog Camera company, slang for outdated Lion, great for yellow labs

Famous fictional character and play Irish name meaning “chief” Quiet and peaceful (Movie Notable: Some may know this name from either charming Jack Russell Terrier in the movie The Mask or from Milo and Otis (though Milo was the cat)

Derived from Maurice which means dark skinned; swarthy Type of anatomy that contracts using calcium and electrical signals Chosen (Fun FYI: People know this from both The Lion King and the Austin Powers movies.

Shoe brand, Greek for Victory Chemical gathering (No2) (Fun FYI: Often used as component of explosives.) NameMeaningWood slope (Fun FYI: People know this name from the comic Garfield)

Movie award; used as code word in radio communications Divine spearman (Music Notable: Most people are familiar with this name through music artist Ozzy Osbourne) Famous bear and train station

A chivalrous champion; protector of a noble cause Famous painter; slang for attractive from one angle/not the other Hand gun, slang for energetic

Sonar equipment, slang for detection Eagerness (TV Notable: Reece is the tormenting sibling in Malcolm in the Middle) Type of herb; person who knows a lot

Sea creature and famous singer Type of jacket; smooth or glossy NameMeaningShorthand for a Tasmanian Devil; often known as a cartoon character from Looney Tunes

Thing that beats or thumps; slang for passionate person Culture who used trick horse to invade Impolite command phrase meaning “speed up” or “hurry on”

Vlad to rule (Fun FYI: Often known through Bram Stokers novel Dracula) Brings things together; horse handler at ranch Greek name meaning “leaving”

Type of toy that leaves down a string and returns; slang for fluctuate Type of singing among Swiss Mountaineers Gentle breeze; Greek god of wind

Frowns in anger (Fun FYI: Shorthand form of Aztec name Montezuma) Choosing a dog name can be tricky and may take some time. Your dog‘s name may not reveal itself very quickly.

In addition, your pet’s name should be unique enough that dogs dont get confused at a dog park. Names also need staying power, as most dogs live over 10 years. (You can always give a dog a regular name and a nickname as well.

So what are some methods to choose the best dog name? For example, naming your dog Gnarles Barkley may seem cute, because he growls and barks a lot, but may not fit him in 10 years. Another example may be calling your dog Chewy because he is always chewing on stuff.

However, there is something to be said for connecting a timeless idea to a dog name, such as a type of chocolate for a chocolate lab. Or even calling a dog Hershey because they are a chocolate lab. Be warned, though; people will assume you are a huge fan of any product name you give your dog.

Go Long: One idea may be to use a longer name that can be quickly shortened to a cute small name. For example, Bently could be shortened to Ben or modified to Bennie. This allows the dog name to stay the same, yet change slightly in the future.

You can even add a “Sir” or “Captain” before their regular name if you feel like it. Favorite Character: It may be tempting to name a dog after a popular character from TV or a movie, but make sure that this show has been around for a while. If you end up naming your dog the same as a new friend, that person may become insulted.

Tying a negative experience to a dog for the rest of their life may cause problems down the road. For example, a dog that chews up slippers could be called Sir Chews-a-lot. Don’t Worry: It is easy to stress about a dog‘s name.

Finding the right fit with so many possibilities can cause analysis paralysis. Whatever you choose, know that it’s the dog‘s quality of life that matters the most, not their name. Hopefully, this list of tips helps choose a great dog name!

If you have other tips or suggestions, please feel free to leave a comment below. Question: What is a good Indiana name for white husky who is very lovable? I believe that name means “flour”, it’s local to Indiana and is fun to say.

In addition, it can be shortened into a variety of nicknames. Question: Is Ace a good name for a dog? Question: What is a good name for a golden retriever that’s unique?

Answer: I think that depends on the dog and your personal tastes. Some unique examples include Halcyon and Aurelian. Answer: This is an interesting one: the name is most popular in southern Poland.

If you speak Esperanto it means “foot” or “paw”. If you speak Spanish, you’ll probably hear “Puedo” which means “May I”. Question: What is a good name for a male Pie Bald (black & white) Great Dane puppy?

I want to rename him, but by contract, the akc name must contain the word “Sweet”. Answer: Keeping to the black and white theme, a few potentials include “Sweet Tiramisu, nickname could be Sweet T.”, “Boehm Sweet Boehm” (pays homage to German heritage of Great Dane), and Sweet-wlder Kirschtorte (a pun off Schwarzwlder Kirschtorte , which is German Black Forest cake). Question: What is a good southern name for a male Miniature Pinscher?

Answer: I think this will depend on the traits of the dog, but some potentials include Victor, Warrick, Hunter, and Knox. You could also use Davis or Jackson, but that might be a bit too obvious. Answer: Thor is the name of a thunder god from Norse / German mythology.

Answer: Xavier in popular culture is the name of the X-men’s leader. From what I can tell, the name originated from the western Pyrenees when they described “a new house”. Question: What type of names are good for a two-colored eye Husky?

You can also use other duality names, such as Yin/Yang or Sunny Moon. Is this suitable name & if so, what does it mean besides father of the gods? You should name a border collie panda

This has terrible names and useless meanings I am still really struggling what about a cute but not to weird dog name for a borda collie any idears anyone? How about slash named after the guns n roses dude

A Disney name for a dragon in the movie Mulan Maybe you can add the paw patrol names too. My dogs are called(paw patrol names)

Marshal, rubble, chase, rocky, zuma, skye, Everest and tracker I am trying to name a new puppy hes tiny and black with white paws hes a pomchiweenie My dog just passed so my dad is getting us a nownext month i think we will name him bear

we are getting a new Alaskan malamute and wolf mix and i need names, it’s a boy I’m going to get a Rottweiler so I’m searching for a good name can you give me advise Jessica Davenport from Smithville, Texas on October 12, 2018:

I had a Rottweiler named Bodhisattva, Bodhi for short. (in Mahayana Buddhism) a person who is able to reach nirvana but delays doing so out of compassion in order to save suffering beings. I thing dash is a pretty good name

Popular dog names are great if youre traditional or in a hurry. But if you or your pup are a little more unusual, youre probably searching for a unique dog name. As every dog lover knows, every puppy has a unique personality, no matter the breed. So why not find a name as unique as your furry friend?

But we dont think you should have to spend an eternity brainstorming to find a special dog name! Thats why weve done the gathering for you.

Below, youll find our favorite unique female dog names and unique male dog names. Weve put together lists of the best unique male and female dog names with meanings and the best strong dog names for boys and girls. Were willing to bet that youll find an amazing, distinctive name thats perfect for your dog on this list.

Lets get started! Image Credit: mazarekic, ShutterstockThe secret to searching for the most unique female dog names would be to find one with personality and pizazz. Feminine as the name may be, it surely packs a punch and comes across as fun and confident.

Think about your favorite foods, the wonders of nature, great characters from movies and books, and more! Image Credit: Claudia Naerdemann, ShutterstockWhen you think about unique male dog names, things like your favorite car or beer brand might come to mind. You might also draw inspiration from planets, national parks, authors, or fictional characters.

Theres really no limit other than your imagination! Image: PixabayPrefer to cross borders and create bridges through language? You can always turn to culturally inspired unique female dog names with meanings:

Bonita Spanish name which means pretty little one. Meant for a bonnie lass. Chiquita In Spanish, means little girl.

Diosa Referring to goddess, the term means extremely beautiful. Divina About the divine. Dulce Spanish for sweet, soothing, or agreeable.

Kashmir Translates to philosophical, soulful, or spiritual. After a state in India. Nikita Russian in origin and mostly male.

Means proud and unconquered. Sequoia American in origin, for male or female, the word means a giant redwood tree. Athena Greek goddess of wisdom and war.

Protectress of the city. Pandora (Dora) First woman made out of clay and created with unique gifts. Greek myth says that she opened the box (jar) of evil and misery.

Cleopatra (Cleo) A dramatically beautiful queen who reigned in Egypt. Famous for her love affairs with Marc Antony and Julius Caesar. Ishtar Mesopotamian goddess of love, beauty, and fertility.

Image Credit: Svetlana Valoueva, ShutterstockIf you want a name with a little more meaning for your boy dog, here are a few great options. For daring adventurers, here are the most epic male names from fiction and non-fiction. And dont forget: smart male dogs can also be named after some great explorers, navigators, and scientists.

These are our favorite unique male dog names with meanings: Zeus In Greek mythology, Zeus means the sky or to shine. He was the highest and most supreme of all the gods and deities.

Ulysses Latin in origin and a variant of Odysseus, the name means either clever, commanding, or wrathful. Presidential in appeal and also denotes being heroic. Apollo In ancient Greek, the name means god of light and God of truth.

It also means destroyer. Adonis In Greek myths, this figure was always portrayed as young and handsome. Ajax A warrior who led the Greek army in the Trojan War.

The name means eagle. Achilles Known for his strength and valor, this mythological Greek heros only weakness was his (Achilles) heel. Atlas The name denotes great strength because Atlas in Greek means to carry.

Atlantis Refers to a legendary, prosperous city that mysteriously sank to the sea. Odyssey An odyssey means a journey, typically a long, wandering voyage across unchartered waters. Iliad An epic poem in Greek that describes the siege and fall of Troy.

Atilla great barbarian ruler and king of the Huns. Conan or the fictional character, Conan the Barbarian. Genghis or Khan the great Mongolian emperor and conqueror.

Sinbad Middle Eastern in origin, he is the fictional sailor of the Seven Seas. Ramses third and most celebrated pharaoh of Egypt. Pancho after Pancho Villa, a great Mexican revolutionary leader and general.

Columbus an Italian explorer who discovered America. Lewis and Clark Leaders of the first American expedition across U.S. territory. Newton English physicist known for the law of motion and gravity.

Image Credit: imch, PixabayFemale dogs may be feminine, but that doesnt mean they cant be tough! Here are our favorite strong female dog names, inspired by strong animals, fictional characters, gemstones, and real-life superheroes. Your powerful pup will love these intense names!

Alyx Amarillo Amber Bailey Bear Mambo Madden Joan of Arc Oak Jade Heidi Air Supply Fiona Lassie Alaska Draco Dragon Banshee Banyan Domino Fergus Farrah Fawcett Onyx Opal Beaux Bellatrix Beowulf Cougar Storm Pearl Foxface Condoleezza Jupiter Brunhilda Emo Jubilee Enya Epitome Hemingway Firefly Ruby Sapphire Turquoise Hera Trixie Image Credit: DragoNika, ShutterstockIf you have a tough boy dog, youll need a strong male dog name. The best options here come from superheroes, military terms, and the toughest fictional characters.

Buck Beau Bullet Caliber or Calibre Don Draco Elvis Oliver Falcon Fang Fighter Ghost Griff, Griffin, Gryff Gunner Hunter Keno Kenji Kodiak or Kodjak Jackson Jagger Johnson Jones Maximillian or Max Maximus Nitro Outlaw Phantom Phoenix Primo Quartz Ripley Rookie Rugby Saber Smith Specialist Squat Stinger Striker or Stryker Sword Terminator Thompson Tiger Tinman Titan Trooper Tyro Wyatt Yoda Yukon Rambo Rocky Avenger Wolverine Gambit Rogue Thor Loki Warlock Hawkeye Specter Ninja Alpha Bravo Charlie Delta Echo Foxtrot Golf Hotel India Juliet Kilo Lima Mike November Oscar Papa Quebec Romeo Sierra Tango Uniform Victor Whiskey X-ray Yankee Zulu Master Commander Commando Cap or Captain Admiral Navigator Sarge Bossman Have you found a name thats as special as your dog? We hope you enjoyed this roundup of the best unique dog names for any pup.

Whether youre looking for a unique female dog name, or a unique male dog name, you cant go wrong with these strong, unusual, and meaningful options. Whichever name you decide to go with, you and your pup have years of fun to look forward to. Nothing starts a dog adoption off right like choosing an extra special name!

Featured Image Credit: Rita_Kochmarjova, Shutterstock Nicole is the proud mom of Baby, a Burmese cat and Rosa, a New Zealand Huntaway. A Canadian expat, Nicole now lives on a lush forest property with her Kiwi husband in New Zealand.

She has a strong love for all animals of all shapes and sizes (and particularly loves a good interspecies friendship) and wants to share her animal knowledge and other experts knowledge with pet lovers across the globe.

When choosing from the dog names list below, just remember that the name should fit your dog. Also, it should fit you. Whatever name you choose, it will tell the world a little about you.

It is a famous vodka brand. Ace: Ace is the term for a person that has a huge number of enemy takedowns.

This could be a flying ace, a tank ace, or a sniper ace. Also, this name can rep the playing card. The Ace is the highest card you can get in many games.

Adler: This name is the word for, Eagle, in Germany. Admiral: An Admiral is the commander of a naval fleet. It is also a shade of blue.

Admiral would also be good for a canine with blue eyes. Aegir: Aegir is the Norse Sea God. Agro: This name means, Slaughter and battle.

Ajax: This was the name of one of the main soldiers in the Trojan War. Aldo: Wise and old, is the meaning behind this German name. It also is an Italian name that means, Little sword. If you have a little pooch with a lot of bite, this could work.

Ale: Ale is a fruity and sweet beer. Alfie: Alfie means, Elf Counsel. This is a nickname for Alfred. Alpha: Alpha refers to a dominant and leading personality.

It is also the starting letter in the Greek alphabet. Angus: Angus is from the high-quality steak Black Angus. This name means Choice one and One strength. Gus would be a choice nickname.

Aoki: Aoki has the meaning of, Blue tree, in Japan. Apache: One of the most known Native American tribes was the Apache. Apollo: Apollo was the Sun God in both Roman and Greek myth.

Arby: This is a shout-out to the Roast Beef food chain, Arbys. Archer: This is what you call a person that is an expert with a bow and arrow. Archie: Archie means, brave and bold. It can also be a nickname for Archer.

Arctic: This is the frozen region on the top of the Earth, where the North pole is. Ares: Ares is the Greek God of War. A K-9 with this name should be a beast.

This is the first of many god names for dogs on this list. Arlo: Arlo means, Fortified hill. Arnold: Arnold comes from the German name that means, Eagle power. That is pretty badass.

Arrow: An arrow is a weapon that is shot from a bow. It is also the name of a TV show about the Green Arrow. Artie: Artie means, Brave and noble.

Asher: This name comes from Hebrew and means, happy. Astro: This is the name of the pooch on the cartoon, The Jetsons. Atlas: According to Greek myth, Atlas was a Titan.

After the Titans lost the war. Zeus made Atlas hold up the sky forever. Atticus: This is the name of the main character in To Kill a Mockingbird.

The name embodies the traits of Atticus Finch, fairness and strength. It implies that you like literature. Audi: Audi is the name of a car from Germany.

August: August has the meaning of, Impressive and respected. It is also the name of a month. Avalanche: This is when there is an event in the snowy mountains. It causes a landslide of ice, rocks, and snow.

Axle: Axle means, Father of peace. But due to pop culture, it has an opposite meaning. This is due to the member of the rock group, Guns N Roses, Axle Rose. Azul: Azul means, Blue, in Spanish.

Bacardi: This is a major rum brand. They also own a bunch of other booze brands. Backup: A backup is a safety net.

You can have backup files, in case of a computer crash. Or you can have backup watching your back if you are going into a stick situation. Bacon: Everyone knows what bacon is.

If you love the grizzly and the sizzle this might work for your pooch. Badge: This is a metal emblem. It provides proof that the person has authority.

Bagel: A bagel looks like a donut but is made out of bread. Baldwin : This name from Germany can fit most pooches. It means, Bold friend.

Baloo : This is the name of the bear in The Jungle Book . In Hindi, Baloo means, bear. Balta: Balta means, White, in Lithuanian.

Balto: There is a kid flick called, Balto. It is about a Husky that was the lead dog in the Nome run, that saved a town. Bam: Bam is a word that describes the sound of a crash or hit.

Bamm-Bamm is also the name of the super-strong toddler on the Flintstones. Bandit: Bandit is an outlaw that robs others. Bandit was also the name for Burt Reynolds in the Smokey and the Bandit movies.

Bane: Bane is something that destroys, or annihilates. This is also the villain that broke the Batman in DC Comics. Banjo: A Banjo is a string instrument similar to the guitar.

It is popular in mountain regions. Banks: Banks was a name that was given to someone that lived by the river banks. Barkley: Barkley means, birch tree meadow. However, a lot of people use this name for their dog because of the word, bark.

Barkus: The Mystic Krewe of Barkus is a Mardi Gras parade. In this parade, dogs are the participants. They get dressed up according to the theme.

Barkus is also the name of a dog in a childrens book. Barley: Barley is wheat that is one of the core ingredients in beer. Barney: Strong as a bear, is the meaning behind this name.

Baron: Baron is a title of nobility. The most known Baron is the Red Baron. He was a German fighter pilot in WWI.

Barrett: If you have a strong dog, this would be a good choice. Its meaning is, Strength of a bear. Barry: Barry will make a symbolic name for a pooch with blue peepers, as a play on Blueberry.

Bash: Bash means to hit hard. It also refers to a party. Battle: A fight between two forces is a battle.

Baxter: This is a surname that came from the surname Baker. So back in the day, you got your surname from your profession. Bay: When a body of water is surrounded on three sides by land it is called a bay.

Bazooka: Bazooka is a hand-held rocket launcher. For a pooch, I would shorten the name to Zook. Zook should be on every list of manly dog names.

BB: Since these are initials, BB can stand for anything you want. BB is also a small metal ball that is shot out of a BB gun. Beaker: A beaker is a glass measuring cup.

It is used primarily in science. Beaker was also one of the Muppets. He was the one with huge white eyes and an orange nose and hair.

Beam: A beam is a strong piece of wood or steel that supports a floor or ceiling in a house. A beam is also a ray of light. It can also mean throwing very hard.

Dont forget about Jim Beam. Its the famous Kentucky whiskey. Bean: As a name, Bean means, friendly person. Its also the name of a seed that is considered a vegetable.

Bear: Everyone knows what a bear is. However, there are two different meanings. The Teddy Bear is the first kind.

The second one is the animal, the big mean kind. This is one of the more popular chocolate lab puppy names. Beast: Beast means a non-human animal.

However, the term is never used to describe a cute or cuddly animal. Humans are often referred to as beasts when they show animal-like behavior. Beast is also the code name of the Blue genius of the X-Men, Dr. Hank McCoy.

Beau (Bo): Beau means, beautiful, in French. Beer: Beer is an alcoholic drink. It is made from water, yeast, hops, and barley.

Ben: Ben has the meaning of, Blessed. It is also a shortened version of Benitoite. This is a bluish gemstone. Benedict: This name is from Eggs Benedict.

A Wall Street trader in 1894, Lemuel Benedict, created this breakfast dish. He was trying to find a cure for his hangover. The name itself means, Blessed.

Benji: This name means, Son of my right hand. I have no idea what that means. This was also the name of a movie star pooch. Benny: This popular name comes from Benjamin.

It has a pretty wacky meaning. It means, son of the south, or son of my right hand. Bentley: A Bentley is a clearing with thick grass.

Berlin: Berlin is the large capital city of Germany. Berry: A Berry is a small pitless fruit. Bertie: This can be a nickname for Albert.

It means, noble. Beryl: Beryl is crystal. Emeralds and Aquamarine are Beryl.

Billy: Billy comes from the name William. It has the meaning of, unwavering protection. Bingo: This name can refer to the game or the expression.

In regards to the expression, this is said to express a pleasing outcome. Bingo is also the name of a dog that belonged to some farmer. Binx: A Binx is a slang term for a binky.

This is a baby pacifier. Biru: In Malay, Biru has the meaning, Blue. Biscuit: The carb and fat-loaded breakfast treat.

This would be a great food name for a little dog. Plus, most kids are familiar with the pooch named Biscuit from the books. Bismarck: This would be a good name for a GSD.

Bismarck brought Germany together in 1871 as one nation. Bixby: This name is from the actor Bill Bixby. He played Dr.

Banner in the TV Show the Incredible Hulk. Black Hawk: The Black Hawk is the name of a US Army helicopter. This copter has been in military use since 1979.

For a canine, I think I would just him Hawk. Blade: This name can have several different meanings. Blade is the vampire hunter in Marvel Comics.

This name can also represent the blade of the knife. Blitz: Is an all-or-nothing crazy attack. It can be on Sundays during most football games.

Blizzard: This is a windy and long snowstorm with a lot of white stuff. Blue: Obviously, the name Blue is in reference to the color. Blue has two references in the canine kingdom, the Blue Merle or a K-9 with some baby blues.

This is also a name of a character in the Will Farrell movie, Old School . Blur: A Blur occurs when an object moves so fast that it is hard to focus on it. Blut: In German, this word means, blood. This word sounds better if you treat the, lut, like the lut, in flute.

Boa: Boa has two different meanings. One is a giant snake that crushes its prey, the Boa Constrictor. The second is a fufu scarf that has feathers.

Bobby: Bobby comes from the name Robert. This name means, bright fame. Bock: Bock is a dark beer that is strong.

It is made in the Autumn time and drank in the spring. There is a famous Texas beer called Shiner Bock. Bodhi: This name means, enlightenment. It was also the name of the surfing bank robber from the movie, Point Break .

Bogart: Bow strength, is the meaning of Bogart. As a slang term, it means, Stingy. Bolt: There are a few meanings for bolt.

The first one is to leave fast. The second one is the lock on a door. It is also a reference to a lightning bolt.

Bomber: A bomber is a combat plane that drops bombs. Bombers can also drop missiles. Bones: Bones make up the skeleton in bodies.

They protect the internal organs and provide structure for the body. Boomer: This word is a slang term in the Navy. A Boomer is a ballistic missile sub.

Of course, it can also refer to a Baby Boomer. Boone: This name is from the French word, Bon, which means, Good. It is also the last name of the legend, Daniel Boone. So, if your dog is going to hang out in the woods or go hunting, this might be a cool name.

Boots: Boots are durable footwear that protects the feet and ankles. Boris: The name Boris might have been derived from the Turkish word for, wolf. In Russia, this name means, fighter. Boss: A boss is a person in charge of a workplace.

Bourbon: Bourbon is a type of whiskey. For a whiskey to be a bourbon it must be made a specific way. It must be made in the US, aged in oak, and the majority of it must be from corn.

Brand: This isnt what you think it is. Brand means, Blade. Brandon: There are three different origins of this name.

Im sticking with the Welsh origin. Brandon came from the name, Bran. Bran means, Crow.

Bravo: This is from the NATO alphabet. It is used for the letter B. Additionally, the word is used when a person does something well. Breaker: A breaker regulates electricity for safety.

It is also what you call an animal or person that likes to break things. Brew: Beer and brew are the same things. Brick: This name is from the strong building block.

Bricks are hard and tough. Brody: This name doesnt have a 100% agreed-upon meaning. Some believe it might come from Gaelic words.

One word means, muddy place. The second word means, fortification. Bronx: The Bronx is part of New York City. It has a reputation for being the tough part of the city.

Brownie: A brownie is a cross between fudge and cake. It always has chocolate in it. If you have a sweet brown dog, this might work.

Bruce: Bruce means from the thick brush. Bruin: A Bruin is another term for a bear. Bruiser: This is a person that likes to scrap and fight.

Bruno: Bruno is from a German boy name, Brun. Brun has the meaning, Armor or shield. Brutus: Brutus was a Roman politician that helped killed, Caesar.

The murder was depicted in the play, Julius Caesar . Bubba: Bubba is a term that derived from the word, brother. It is usually used in the south. Buck : When you imagine Bucks, you picture big deer with their glorious antlers.

Those Bucks can strike fear in their aggressors. Also, Buck can imply money, making your Buck a valuable asset. Bucky: This nickname comes from Buck.

A Buck is a male deer. Bud: Bud is short for Buddy. A buddy is a friend.

This can also rep the beer, Budweiser. Buddy: A buddy is one of your best friends. This was also the name of the first US seeing-eye canine.

Buddy was a German Shepherd. Bullet: This is the metal that is shot out of a gun. It also can mean fast.

Burgundy: Is this a shout-out to Ron Burgundy from Anchorman? Or is a nod to the French wine? You pooch, your call.

Buster: Buster means the tough guy. So, if you got a tough pup, then this would be a choice. Butkus: If you are from Chi-town, then you already know where this came from.

Dick Butkus was the hard-hitting maniac that played for the Bears Football team. Buttons: Buttons are those round things that close your shirt. They can also be used on pants, coats, and jackets.

Buzz: Buzz was the spaceman in the movie, Toy Story . It also has a few meanings. The first one is noise.

It is a small humming sound that bees make. The second one is to move around quickly. Another one is an Excited feeling. This feeling is sometimes created by booze.

Also, there is a short haircut. Caesar: This name is from the food item Caesar salad. Since it has a lot of stuff in it, this name might be good for a mutt.

You could also use this name from the Roman Emperors. Then this would be a good name for a strong dog. Cal: Cal has the meaning of, Devoted. That is a pretty cool thing to call your new pup.

Cane: This isnt the stick that helps people walk. Cane is an Italian word. Translated it means, Dog.

Captain: This name has many meanings. Captains are military ranks. They are also in charge of ships or boats.

A well-known Captain is Captain America. Of course, dont forget about Captain Morgan, the rum. Cash: Cash is the slang term for paper money.

Caspian: This is the name of the Earths biggest inland area of water, the Caspian Sea. Cavan: This would be a good name for a blue-eyed pooch. Cavansite is a bright blue crystal.

Champ : A champ is a winner and labeled the best. The name actually has the meaning of, Warrior. Chancy: This name means, Risky.

Chase: Chase has the meaning, To hunt. It also means to pursue. Cheddar: This is a yellow cheese. It is also slang for money.

Cheech: This name is a shout-out from the old Cheech and Chong movies. These funny movies centered on two characters that liked to indulge in a certain leafy product. Chester: A Chester is a fortified camp or fortress.

Chewie: This is the nickname for the Wookie from Star Wars , Chewbacca. Chico: Chico is the Spanish word for, boy. Chief: Chief means, Leader. A head of a department or a tribe is the chief.

It is also a rank in most military branches. Chili: This is from the hot Chili pepper. Sure, it could also represent the meat and beans dish.

But the pepper is cooler or hotter. This can also come from the description of a chill in the air. Chill: Chill has two meanings.

The first one is to be at ease. The second one is when there is a cold feeling in the air. Chip: The crunchy side dish of a thousand lunches.

This is actually a nickname for Charles, Richard, or Christopher. Chip also comes from the saying, Chip off the old block. This means like father, like son. A chip is also when a small piece of something is broken off.

Chive: That herb that is mixed with your sour cream for your potato. This could also be a shout-out for the popular website, The Chive. Chong: Tommy Chong was the second part of the Cheech and Chong movie series.

Chopper: Chopper has a few meanings. First, it is slang for a helicopter. The second is the name of an ax with a big blade and a short handle.

The last meaning is a type of motorcycle, which has tall handlebars. Chubby: Chubby means overweight. However, it was the name 60s icon, Chubby Checker.

Chunk: A chunk is a large piece of something. It was also the name of one of the boys in the movie, The Goonies . Churchill: This name is from Winston Churchill, the leader of England during WWII.

It was also the name of the cat in Pet Cemetery. Citron: A Citron is one of the original citrus fruits. It looks like a lemon.

Absolut, the vodka brand also makes a vodka called Citron. Want to take a guess on what it is flavored with? Clark: Clark means, scribe. It comes from the word, Clerk.

Clyde: This name comes from a Scottish river. It is also the name of the outlaw in the Bonnie and Clyde duo. Coal (Cole): Coal is a black rock that is combustible.

It is used as a fossil fuel. Cobalt: Cobalt is an element, that is most known for producing the unique Cobalt Blue color. So, if you have a male puppy with some blue peepers, this might be a unique name for him.

On a side note, you can nickname him Bolt. Cobb: Could mean either Corn on the Cobb or Cobb Salad. Cobbler: A cobbler is a guy that makes shoes.

It is also a name of a dessert. Its like a pie with fruit and a batter crust on top. Cody: Cody means, helpful.

Coffee: The breakfast of champions. Coffee is a drink made from the coffee bean. Cola: This is another word for soda or pop.

It is a sweet carbonated beverage. Back in the day, cola was made from the Kola nut. Colby: This is the name of a semi-hard US cheese.

Collins: This name is a shout-out to Tom Collins. This is a mixed alcoholic drink. Colonel: This is a senior rank in the military branches.

It is usually below Brigadier General. Colossus: A person or thing that is much larger than normal. A colossus overpowers all others just by size.

Colossus is also a Russian member of the X-Men. Colt: Colt is a gun maker. They have been making firearms for the military since the Civil War.

This is one of the cool gun names for dogs. Colt is also a young male horse. Also, Colt 45 is a malt beer.

Comet: A Comet is a celestial body that speeds through the realm of space. Also, Comet is the name of one of Santas reindeer. Cooper: Cooper was the name of the hound in the flick, The Fox and the Hound.

The name is actually what they use to call people that made barrels. Coors: This is a shout-out to one of the worlds largest beer makers, Coors. Copernicus: This dude was a scientist in the 16 th century.

He is considered the father of astronomy. He was the one that proposes that the Sun was the center of the universe and not Earth. If you got some geek in you, this might work.

It might also work if you want people to think that youre smart. Corona: This can be a tricky name! When someone said Corona, you grabbed a lime and drank some beer.

This association ended in 2020 when the world stopped. Now when you say Corona, you think of the virus that created a pandemic. Crash: Crash is a verb, noun, adverb, and adjective.

As a verb, it means to collide. The result of the collision is the noun. As an adverb, it is a sudden huge sound.

So, for a strong dog, the version you choose will work. Creed: Creed is the name of Saber-tooth in Marvel Comicsa ferocious feral creature. This is also the name of a sub-par grunge rock group.

Creole: Creole is used to describe a style of cooking from New Orleans. It can also be used to denote anyone and their decedents that originated in Louisiana during the colonial era. Croc: This name is for the swamp-loving killing machine, the Crocodile.

Cronus: In Greek Mythology, he was the ruler of the Titans. He was also the father of Zeus. He was a legit badass, he castrated his own father and ate his own children.

Crown: A crown is a piece of gold that Kings and Queens wore on their heads. It is also the name of a Canadian blended whiskey, Crown Royal. Crumb: These are the tiny pieces of a baked product that is left over.

Crush: This word means to squeeze and apply force, which results in destruction. You could also use Crusher as a name. Cub: A baby bear is called a cub.

Cuervo: This is a shout-out to the guy that makes a mean tequila, Jose Cuervo. Cujo: Cujo is the St. Bernard who contracted Rabies in Stephen Kings novel, Cujo . Of course, this can be one of those ironic dog names for a small pooch.

Curley: If something is made up of curls or curves, then it is curly. Often this term is used to describe hair. There are several pooches that have this kind of hair.

Also, Curley was the name of one of the greatest minds of the 20 th century, Curley Howard. He was one of the Three Stooges. Dagda: In Celtic Myth, Dagda was a Good God. He was the God of Knowledge

Dagger: This is a short knife-like weapon designed to stab, instead of cut. Dallas: The meaning of Dallas is, meadow dwelling. It is also the name of one of the biggest cities in Texas. Dammit: This word is used to express anger or used with a negative outcome.

Its not a family-friendly name. Danger: This when a situation can cause injury. Darwin: Darwin means, Dear friend. This is also the last name of the scientist that brought evolution to the scene.

Deacon : Deacon was President Carters Secret Service code name. The name Deacon has the meaning of, Dusty one, or Servant. A Deacon is also a religious minister. Dev: Dev means, Divine or God. It can also reference, Blue Devils.

Blue Devils can rep a lot of different things. Dexter (Dex): Dexter was a TV show about a nice serial killer? Dex would work for a pup with some baby blue eyes.

This would be because of the cleaner, Windex. Diesel: This internal combustion engine is used in Trucks. The engine was invented by Rudolf Diesel.

Dill: Dill is a popular herb and seed in cooking. The most notable use of Dill is with the pickle. Dingo: This is an Australian wild dog.

Dino: Dino is the name of the Flintstones pet. It is also an Italian name that means, Little sword. Diogee: You will need to be an extrovert if you pick this name.

Explaining it will always lead to talking with people. Diogee is the exact spelling of D O G. Dipper: A dipper is someone or something that dips.

It is also the name of a bird. Dobby: Dobby was the house-elf in the Harry Potter series. Doc: Doc means, Wise person. It is also the nickname of the gunslinger, Doc Holiday.

Doc Holiday was a major character in the movie Tombstone. Dodge : Dodge is an American carmaker. It also means to move quickly to avoid something.

Additionally, it is part of the saying, Get out of Dodge. This means leaving a dangerous area. Dog : Dog is the name of Daryls Belgian Malinois in The Walking Dead. Dolphus: This German name means, Noble wolf.

Doobie: If you use this name, you might get some strange looks. This is the slang term for a pot joint. Im not talking about the pot that you use on your stove.

Donner: Donner is from Germany. It is the word they use for, Thunder. Donut: A donut is a ring of fried cake dough that is sweet.

Dooby: This is a slang term for a pot joint. Doom: This is a terrible fate. Doom is also a computer game.

Dozer: Dozer is a nickname for a bulldozer. A bulldozer is a powerful vehicle that moves earth, rocks and other objects with its large movable front blade. It could also be used to describe a person or a thing that powers through life and other situations.

Drake: This is a pretty cool name. It means, snake, or dragon. Drax: Drax is from the Marvel Universe.

He is in the Guardians of the Galaxy films. Dave Batista plays Drax in those films. Dredd: This is another Comic book name.

Judge Dreed is a futuristic cop and judge. He has the power to arrest, convict and punish. Also, the word dread is the feeling of fear.

Drogon : Because of Game of Thrones , dragons are popular again. Drogon is one of the three dragons from the show. It is the biggest and most forceful one.

Dude: Dude is another way to say, guy or man. Dudley: Dudley started out as a last name. It was used by people that lived in Dudley, England.

Dug: This is a pooch pun with a twist. It is based on the name Doug. Doug means, Dark Water.

Duke: Duke is a royal rank. It is one level below King. It is also the nickname of one of the greatest, John Wayne.

Duncan: This Scottish name means, dark warrior. It is also the name of a cake mix company, Duncan Hines. So, it might be a good name for a foodie that is also a bad-ass. Dunkin: Dunkin Donuts is a popular donut and coffee chain.

Unique Dog Names and Meanings

Our furry buddies deserve to have a fitting name. That name should best reflect their unique look, personality, or the wonderful family they just joined. The list below is a great way to find that perfect name with just the right meaning. Below the list, you’ll find tips and tricks that can help in the naming process. Take your time and read through the list to see which one “clicks” with you. The more you resonate with the name, the better! You may want to also pick several names. Then, wait for a little bit and see which one grows on you and fits your new family member.

Questions & Answers

Choosing a dog name can be tricky and may take some time. Your dog‘s name may not reveal itself very quickly. In addition, your pet’s name should be unique enough that dogs don’t get confused at a dog park. Furthermore, we do not want to give our dogs the same name that our friends have used for their dogs. Names also need staying power, as most dogs live over 10 years. (You can always give a dog a regular name and a nickname as well. . .so if you can’t choose just one. Or pick out several names and give your family member a middle name as well.) So what are some methods to choose the best dog name?Hopefully, this list of tips helps choose a great dog name! If you have other tips or suggestions, please feel free to leave a comment below.

Unique Male Dog Names

The secret to searching for the most unique female dog names would be to find one with personality and pizazz. Feminine as the name may be, it surely packs a punch and comes across as fun and confident. Think about your favorite foods, the wonders of nature, great characters from movies and books, and more!

Unique Male Dog Names with Meanings

Prefer to cross borders and create bridges through language? You can always turn to culturally inspired unique female dog names with meanings:

Strong Male Dog Names

Female dogs may be feminine, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be tough! Here are our favorite strong female dog names, inspired by strong animals, fictional characters, gemstones, and real-life superheroes. Your powerful pup will love these intense names!

Why does the dog name meaning matter?

Some names can sound awesome, but it could mean something goofy. Plus, the name you choose will tell everyone a little about you. Do you want to be known as a poser, a hipster dufus or a goofball? If not you better know what your dog’s name means.