Male and Female Guinea Pigs?

Can male and female guinea pigs be together?

Guinea pigs are commonly kept in single sex groups, so a pair of males or a pair of females. Siblings or father-son/ mother-daughter pairings often live well together. Pairings of male and female guinea pigs can also work well – just make sure they are neutered to prevent any unwanted litters!

Should I get a female guinea pig for my male guinea pig?

If you are becoming a guinea pig parent for the first time, our recommendation is to get two young females or sows. This is because they generally get on well and are less inclined to fight. … If you want to pair a male and female together, it is essential that the boar has been neutered.

What is the difference between a male and a female guinea pig?

Usually, females are 20-25% smaller than males. You can also tell your sex by the size and weight of your guinea pig. Males are larger than females, their weight varies from one to one and a half kilograms, and their body length is 30–35 centimeters.

What gender is better for guinea pigs?

Generally speaking, guinea pig pet parents have found that male guinea pigs tend to be a little more confident or bolder than females. This can sometimes lead to training males and being able to handle them a little easier than their shyer counterparts.