Liver Roan German Shorthaired Pointer?

What is Liver Roan in a GSP?

The distinctive coat is solid liver or a combination of liver and white. It can be ticked (small, isolated areas of black hairs on a white background), patched, or roaned (a fine mixture of colored hairs with white hairs). For instance, a liver roan GSP has a deep reddish-brown coat lightened by white hairs.

What is liver roan color?

Liver roan is not considered a color when it comes to the German Shorthaired Pointer as it is in other breeds. Rather, liver roan is considered to be a distribution of white and liver hairs in an alternating stitch by stitch pattern. The liver roan coloration will become more apparent as the dog ages.

How do I know if my GSP is Roan?

First, look at the bottoms of the puppy’s feet. At 1-3 days old you can tell if your puppy will be roan or brown & white by looking at the color of the pads of your puppy’s toes. If the toe pads are pink, your puppy will be brown & white. If the toe pads are brown or mostly brown, your puppy will be roan.

Can German shorthaired pointers be solid color?

German Shorthaired Pointers can come in solid black or solid liver. These colors are black or liver all over, although some may have a white patch on the chest. Solid-colored dogs are less common than German Shorthaired Pointers with white mixed into the colors.