Homemade Guinea Pig Cage?

Many of the guinea pig cages that are available to buy are too small for more than one animal and can be expensive. If you have a knack for building projects, then you may want to consider constructing a guinea pig cage. You can customize it to fit any space, and some enclosures are ideal … Read more

American Eskimo Dog Size?

The American Eskimo is a beautiful, small to medium-size Nordic-type dog that looks like a miniature Samoyed. There are three varieties: toy, miniature and standard. That means there is an Eskie for all interests and house sizes. The American Eskimo has a wedge-shaped head with muzzle and skull about the same length. It has erect, … Read more

Golden Retriever Puppy Cost?

Any dog lover will tell you that pet parenthood is a serious financial commitment. Between vet visits, squeaky toys, and doggy snacks, your favorite four-legged moocher can get real expensive, real quick. If Fido is part of a package deal that includes vaccines and vet care, registration paperwork, or even starter supplies, expect at least … Read more

Large Dog Breeds That Dont Shed?

Actually, dog shedding occurs in all dogs, and is the process of getting rid of dead hair so that new growth can occur. With the so-called “non-shedding dog breeds“, the process of shedding actually occurs so slowly that it goes unnoticed. With the so-called “non-shedding dog breeds“, the process of shedding actually occurs so slowly … Read more

Large Short Haired Dog Breeds?

Short hair, dont care! These hassle-free short–haired dog breeds are low maintenance when it comes to grooming and typically dont shed quite as oftenbut dont lose the lint roller quite yet. In short, short–haired dogs might not check off the ” low shedding ” box in every instance, but each of these breeds has a … Read more

Maltese Small Dog Breeds?

With her teeny-tiny stature, flowing white coat, and easy-to-train smarts, the Maltese has beauty and brains hard to beat. For that, this toy breed’s been cherished since her earliest days in ancient Italy and has long been seen as a portable and charming companion. With her teeny-tiny stature, flowing white coat , and easy-to-train smarts, … Read more

Wild Cats as Pets?

The only thing cuter than a cat is a tiny version of a big cat. Seriously, how awesome would it be to own a little Shetland lion? However, there arent many cats around that fit the bill unless you venture into the world of exotic breeds. Bobcat-related fatalities are rare, of course, but there will … Read more

Pug and Pitbull Mix?

The Pug Pit is a designer hybrid that is a cross between an American Pitbull Terrier and a Pug. They are known by several different names including Pit-A-Pug, Pug-A-Bull, and PugBull. This pooch was bred to have the best traits of both their parents making them a sweet, fiercely loyal, and protective dog. Their high … Read more

Can Guinea Pigs Have Watermelon?

Often, when you choose the new foods to include in your pets diet, you think of the foods that you are eating and whether or not they are good for it. Can guinea pigs eat watermelon? is a question that appears on the lips of many pet owners because watermelon is a delicious fruit that … Read more