What Is a Catio?

If youre a human, patios are a prime spot for outdoor recreation and relaxation. And if youre a cat? Theres no better place than a catio. Curious about how to build a catio? Or what to consider when buying a pre-fab version? Read on, we have all the details. Attached enclosures are three-sided and connected … Read more

What Does a Monarch Butterfly Caterpillar Look Like?

Monarch butterfly caterpillars are sometimes an unusual color, shade, or has unusual markings. What causes it? We wish we had all the answers. Having raised hundreds of thousands of Monarch butterflies, we have documented a few unusual caterpillars and have identified the cause of a few. We stress that it is important to plant milkweed … Read more

What Does Catnip Smell Like?

Catnip is adored by cats and its something that will comfort them in seconds. Your cat will enjoy a little bit of catnip from time to time and it can give them a natural high that is pleasing to the body. While this is true, you may wonder, what does catnip smell like? In fact, … Read more

What Is Your Warrior Cat Name?

Battles, love, leadership, decisions, drama; all of these things are involved in the Warrior Cat‘s series, so why not on the computer? What would YOU do if you were faced with these decisions?-Based on the Warrior Cats Series by Erin Hunter- Have you ever wondered what you might be called if you were a warrior … Read more

What Music Do Cats Like?

Ever wondered why your cats dont share your appreciation of Johann Sebastian Bach or arent as enthusiastic to rock out to an old Led Zeppelin record? Turns out, its not their style. Next time your beloved kitty is antsy about visiting the veterinarian, consider playing music composed just for cats. Louisiana State University researchers have … Read more

What Does a Fisher Cat Sound Like?

When New Hampshire resident Duke Smith first heard the cry of a Fisher cat he thought he heard a baby dying slowly. The shrieks were constant, high pitched and their resemblance to human voice was really eerie. Several nights and a few missing cat notices later other residents of the neighborhood confirmed that these were … Read more

What Is a Distemper Shot for Cats?

Feline distemper is a highly contagious viral disease that is especially harmful to young kittens, who can die without warning from the infection. Because the virus that causes distemper is so widespread in the environment, the distemper vaccine is recommended for all catseven those who only live indoors. And its particularly important to protect young … Read more

What Does Cathartic Mean?

They produce a magnificent chemistry that not only gives the audience full understanding of the love they exude for each other, but also a cathartic desire to be one of them. noncathartical,adjectivesemicathartic,adjectiveuncathartic,adjective SEE MORE RELATED FORMSSEE FEWER RELATED FORMS An example of cathartic is getting rid of clothes that no longer fit. An agent for … Read more

What Does a Catch Can Do?

Your cars engine has a very intricate way of taking care of itself. For example, when oil blowby occurs, the engine is set up to recirculate the oil through the engine again, however, that can lead to power loss over time unless you install an oil catch can. But what is a catch can and … Read more