Large Elevated Dog Bowls?

Do large dogs need elevated bowls?

Bloat is a very serious condition.. While the exact cause of bloat remains somewhat unclear, we do know that the risk of bloat tends to increase with age and size. This is why Veterinary professionals have long recommended raised feeders for large- and giant-breed dogs.

How high should dog bowls be raised?

The best way to determine the proper feeder height is to measure your dog’s wither height (top of its front shoulder). Elevated feeding bowls should be positioned about 6 inches below the pet’s wither height.

Are elevated feeders good for dogs?

Raised feeders provide ease of access to food and water which can help facilitate movement of food when traveling from the mouth to the stomach. Consuming food from elevated dog bowls places less strain on the dog’s neck, hips, shoulders and joints, which promotes better posture.