Large Dog Breeds Pictures and Names?

Looking to adopt a new furry friend into the family? Bigger isn’t always better, of course, but when it comes to finding your perfect canine companion, a teeny-tiny Chihuahua won’t exactly cut it as a jogging partner. Typically tipping the scales at 50-80 pounds (although some varieties may skew slightly larger or smaller), these big dog breeds are great for if you want an active exercise pal or a pet that’s easy to train plus, they can make great cuddle partners and lovable family dogs, too!

Despite their funny-sounding names, Hovawarts are highly intelligent, devoted canines that not only are outstanding family pets , but also make great search-and-rescue dogs (thanks to their good noses). These super-athletic dogs are fun, loyal companions that are surprisingly gentle and patient with all of their family members.

Known for their famous “Sammy smile” due to their perpetually upturned mouths, Samoyeds are smart, fun-loving dogs who sport a stunning white coat (which sheds a lot !). This highly energetic breed also needs vigorous exercise, as they were originally bred to herd reindeer and haul sledges. As the largest terrier breed, Airedales convey the alert, fearless attitude of the group on a supersized scale.

Sweet and silly, these endearing hounds originated in the mountainous region of Afghanistan. Their silky, fine coat served as protection from the cold at high altitudes, and it requires plenty of grooming. They need a pack leader to set the standard, so stick to a training regimen early on.

These herders are incredibly smart and loyal protectors, which explains why they’re the preferred breed for the military and Secret Service . Bright and loyal, these canines worked during World War I as message carriers and ambulance dogs. The Russian aristocracy bred them for hundreds of years to hunt you guessed it wolves, and they can reach speeds of up to 40 miles per hour.

Charming and mischievous, bull terriers may appear intimidating but they’re actually extremely friendly, playful, and sometimes goofy. Despite their powerful appearance, Chows require only moderate exercise making them adaptable to city life. Collies exhibit the qualities of loyalty, intelligence, and gentleness, and live up to their “hero” reputation from Lassie.

Quick in mind and body, they require vigorous exercise every day, preferably in a large, fenced-in area. Bred to run in a pack for miles, these traditional hunting dogs have incredible endurance and a noble stature. The dogs’ gentle and affectionate demeanor makes them great family pets, but they do require plenty of exercise.

Unsurprisingly, flat-coated retrievers are closely related to their more popular Lab counterparts, but they have a longer coat and leaner silhouette. Loyal, loving, obedient, and protective, German shepherds can make wonderful pets if they’re properly trained.

What are the largest breed of dogs?

English Mastiff. The English Mastiff is officially the largest dog in the world. According to the Guiness Book of Records – a dog called Zorba weighed in at 142.7 kg and stood 27 inches high in 1981. 3 days ago

Which big dog is best for home?

01 of 10. Labrador Retriever. Purple Collar Pet Photography / Getty Images. ….02 of 10. German Shepherd. Rebecca Stynes / Getty Images. ….03 of 10. Golden Retriever. ….04 of 10. Bernese Mountain Dog. ….05 of 10. Boxer. ….06 of 10. Alaskan Malamute. ….07 of 10. Goldendoodle. ….08 of 10. Basset Hound.

What dog is bigger than a mastiff?

Great Dane. Created as a result of a cross between the English Mastiff and the Irish Wolfhound, it should come as no surprise that the Great Dane is among the tallest of dogs.

What is the friendliest large dog?

4/11. St. Bernard. ….5/11. Bullmastiff. ….6/11. Newfoundland. ….7/11. Leonberger. Height: 25-32 inches. ….8/11. Irish Wolfhound. Height: 32-34 inches. ….9/11. Old English Sheepdog. Height: 20-24 inches. ….10/11. Great Pyrenees. Height: 25-32 inches. ….11/11. Greater Swiss Mountain Dog. Height: 23-29 inches.

If large dogs are properly socialized and trained, they will get along with all of the other pets as well as kids and other members of the family. In a nutshell, big canines can be an ideal choice for any homeowner.

Big dogs love tossing around a ball, exercising outdoors, protecting the house, and bonding with their owners. Some people find large dog breeds intimidating and overpowering, but they are actually incredibly sweet, loyal, loving, and mild-tempered pets.

This canine is characterized by an abundant and straight coat, an avid work drive, a large head, and muscular frame. It is worth noting that the high activity level of these furry canines can be an issue for people who dont understand the breeds need to exercise. However, as long as you meet the work needs of the Belgian Tervuren, they would stay friendly, loyal, and loving, and maintain a good behavior.

The thick, silky coat of Afghan Hound looks stunning, but it isnt just for show it can offer protection against harsh climates. Not everyone would like this furry friend as their companion, but if you love the attributes of the Afghan Hound and think that they would make a great pet, you could consider getting one. They may not tolerate other animals but dont hesitate to share their affectionate side with friends and family members.

Affectionate, playful, and loyal, the Alaskan Malamute is an incredibly strong large dog characterized by his substantial bone, erect ears, and a well-furred plumed tail. The dense, weatherproof coat, powerful shoulders, deep chest, and heavy bone suggest that these dogs work hard and need lots of exercise. Anatolian Shepherd Dogs are profusely muscled and a great match for the harsh terrain of their native land.

They arent the best option for novice owners due to their dominating nature but would be a great pet for a strong leader who can establish their authority. The Belgian Malinois is a confident, versatile, and smart canine who can forge a strong bond with his human companion. The abundant coat and sparkly dark eyes of this big black dog breed add to the elegance of these intelligent canines.

Built for hard work, the big and powerful Bernese Mountain Dog is an incredibly beautiful canine. The markings on the face and coat are the hallmarks of the breed while the dark eyes give an aura of nobility. It is worth noting that a passing squirrel would arouse the prey drive of Black and Tan Coonhounds, which is why a strong leash is a must-have.

Bouvier des Flandres are smart all-purpose workers that feature powerful muscles and heavy bone beneath a lush, weatherproof coat. Bouvier des Flandres have a keen intelligence, huge heart, and sterling character, which makes them popular among dog owners all over the world. They are alert and bright, courageous and strong and males can stand as high as 25 at the shoulder while females run smaller.

True to their French roots, Briards can be aloof with strangers but are loving and affectionate towards family members. They possess traits that are common to several other herders including brains, trainability, wariness with outsiders and a protective eye towards loved ones. Smart, poised, and proud, these canines make an excellent companion due to its friendly and loyal nature.

The tight and crisp curls of liver or black serve as waterproof all-weather gear for work in harsh climates. The body is substantial and sleek and covered with a beautiful coat of fawn, red, blue, or black with rust markings. The German Wirehaired Pointer was developed to be a versatile hunting dog and he still excels at this job today.

Training this dog to compete in rally, tracking, agility, obedience or other sports will give him a job, exercise, and mental stimulation. This furry companion would excel at anything that you train them to do military service, assistance work for handicap people, drug detection, obedience, and search and rescue. If a German Shepherd is well-trained and has lots of exposure to children in early puppyhood, they would make an excellent large breed for kids .

If you are looking through large dog breeds to find a loyal and faithful companion that would get along well with your family members, then the German Shepherd should definitely be on your shortlist. They can be courageous and loyal companions for the individual who can provide an outlet for their high energy levels and train them properly. These hounds have fascinated kings, poets, and artists for many years and today they are loved by families who prefer large dogs as their companion.

The Greyhound features a narrow, aerodynamic skull and shock-absorbing pads on the feet, which makes them an excellent choice for a high-speed chase. This furry dog is covered in thick white cords and requires a firm hand at training, which makes him a more suitable option for experienced owners. The Old English Sheepdogs are famous for their profuse coat, unique hairdo, a distinctive gait, and agreeable nature.

Affectionate and big, Otterhounds are known for their keen sense of smell, webbed feet, and dense shaggy coat. They are expert swimmers and have powerful shoulders and a broad chest that allows them to swim all day long without showing signs of tiredness. The large black nose of these canines is very sensitive and could follow the scent trail of an otter over great distances.

Today, Rhodesian ridgebacks are excellent family dogs and well-suited for owners who can deal with their strong prey drive and independent nature. This dog is bred for endurance, strength, and speed and these qualities are evident in his long head and muscular body. These dogs have long velvety ears, blue-gray or amber eyes and a straight face that suggest intelligence.

Trainability, loving nature, easy grooming, and friendliness of the Weimaraner make him an excellent pet.

Nothing beats cuddling up with your dog, and its especially sweet when theyre a big breedtheres just more to love! As for which dogs are considered truly giant dog breeds, the standard is open to interpretation, but we do know that the following breeds are considered some of the biggest in the world. Heres the listread more about them and see photos below!

Many of these extra-large dogs were bred for work and for protection, such as mastiffs and shepherds, and need good training and socialization to harness those instincts. Though their heads are huge (in fact, theyre the largest in the canine kingdom), their kind eyes and furrowed brows make them seem approachable and sweet.

Leonbergers were developed in Germany to be companionsin fact, Napolean III, Tsar Alendar II, and the Prince of Wales (later King Edward VII) all welcomed this breed into their homes. But dont let their friendliness fool you, Leonbergers make excellent watchdogs and are hard workerswhether theyre working on farms or romping around. This breed is smart and insanely protective of the people they lovewhich means they need a leader who can handle a strong and dominating personality.

This breed was originally used to seek out and rescue lost travelers in the Swiss Alps, which makes sense considering their strength and sizeanywhere from 120 to 180 pounds. Theyre also super hard to miss, with that recognizable black face and fawn, apricot, or brindle striped coat. Hailing from the Sivas region of Turkey, Kangal dogs have long been bred to protect livestock from large predators including wolves and bears.

These dogs are strong and boast a long double coat thats waterproof, making them well-suited for the rough conditions they endured as sheep guardians in the Pyrenees Mountains. Weighing in at up to 140 pounds, this giant dog breed is known for being smart and dominating, which means they need a strong and experienced owner. Its hard not to notice this breed, with the signature white coils of their coats that offer them protection in extreme weather.

Long used as guardians for sheep, these dogs sport dreadlocks to keep them well-hidden among the herd, so they can surprise any unexpected visitors. Loving and loyal to family members, these canines are very independent and need a firm, consistent person to train and care for them. Though they tend to be wary of strangers, this breed is loyal and affectionate when it comes to their loved ones and are celebrated for their courage and loyalty.

Have a look at some of the largest dog breeds of this world. These big dogs are both faithful to their masters and remain active. Yes, their diet is large due to their size and weight but these large dogs simply love their owners.

Size: 28 to 31.5 inches Weight: 5477 kg Size: 27-30 inches Weight: 6070 kg

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Giant Dog Breeds as Family Pets

Though their sheer size can give an intimidating first impression, many of these canines are known to be good-tempered, loyal, and loving. These giant dog breeds are typically more relaxed than their smaller counterparts and fairly calm at home, with short bursts of energy. That’s why big dog breeds are often called “great apartment dogs,” despite their size! That said, daily exercise is as important for these beautiful beasts as it is for any dog.Many of these extra-large dogs were bred for work and for protection, such as mastiffs and shepherds, and need good training and socialization to harness those instincts.Other factors to consider before adding any of the giant dog breeds to your household include regular vet checkups for common joint issues, extra slobber, extra-large waste deposits (giant poop bags, coming right up), and their shorter-than-average lifespan.Whether or not you’re looking for an extra-large dog, there’s nothing better than admiring these gentle giants. Take a look and get to know some of the world’s biggest dog breeds.

Dogue de Bordeaux (French Mastiff)

The Dogue de Bordeaux breed is incredibly powerful and can weigh in at almost 110 pounds. Though their heads are huge (in fact, they’re the largest in the canine kingdom), their kind eyes and furrowed brows make them seem approachable and sweet. They are indeed loyal and loving to their family, but they definitely require training to tame their stubbornness.

Scottish Deerhound

This super rare breed goes way back, and is often called the “Royal Dog of Scotland”. Scottish Deerhounds are one of the tallest breeds, and though their size can be intimidating, they’re actually friendly and sweet—which (aside from their size) doesn’t make them the best guard dogs. Deerhounds are super active puppies, but they tend to mellow out as they grow older. Just don’t forget to keep up with their daily walks to ensure they stay healthy.


Leonbergers were developed in Germany to be companions—in fact, Napolean III, Tsar Alendar II, and the Prince of Wales (later King Edward VII) all welcomed this breed into their homes. And with their gentle nature, patience and elegance, it’s clear why they’re popular additions to many families. But don’t let their friendliness fool you, Leonbergers make excellent watchdogs and are hard workers—whether they’re working on farms or romping around.

Irish Wolfhound

Though one of the tallest dog breeds (if not

Anatolian Shepherd

An ancient breed, Anatolians (or some variation of them) are believed to be referenced in some of the earliest books of the Bible. This breed is smart and insanely protective of the people they love—which means they need a leader who can handle a strong and dominating personality. Weighing up to 150 pounds, many of these dogs are still working ranch dogs.

Saint Bernard

When you picture giant dog breeds, you may very well be picturing a shaggy Saint Bernard! Everyone can appreciate the charming and playful nature of the Saint Bernard. Endlessly patient, they’re considered “nanny dogs” for children, and they adore every moment they spend with their loved ones. This breed was originally used to seek out and rescue lost travelers in the Swiss Alps, which makes sense considering their strength and size—anywhere from 120 to 180 pounds. Always make sure to keep these dogs in cool or air-conditioned spaces because they’re sensitive to heat.

Kangal Dog

Hailing from the Sivas region of Turkey, Kangal dogs have long been bred to protect livestock from large predators including wolves and bears. This means that though they’re gentle with children, they can be aggressive when it comes to predators who may cause a threat. Reliable and sweet—what more can you ask for!

Cane Corso (Italian Mastiff)

With a lineage that goes back to ancient Roman times, this giant dog breed is known for their excellence as guardians. Always alert and confident, Cane Corsos are very loyal to their humans. And the fact that they weigh over 100 pounds and have lots of muscles makes them intimidating to any would-be intruders.

Bernese Mountain Dog

So sweet and affectionate, the Bernese Mountain Dog is often considered one of the most beautiful breeds around. These dogs have thick and silky coats that are colored black, white and rust—but those coats aren’t just for looks, they’re also perfect for keeping them cozy in cold weather. Though they enjoy getting outside for exercise, they also relish opportunities to hang out with the family.

Caucasian Shepherd Dog

One of the most striking of the giant dog breeds, the Caucasian Shepherd Dog is known to be an incredible guardian—which means they require an experienced owner to balance out that stubbornness and intensity. They were bred to hunt bears (!) in the mountains of Russia, and you know what? They resemble a bear, just a bit. This breed has been around nearly 600 years and can weigh up to 200 pounds. They’re active and hardworking and need plenty of activity and training.

Greater Swiss Mountain Dog

Known as “Swissies” to their admirers, these dogs were originally bred to herd cattle and serve as watchdogs—and they still love jobs. It’s best to not keep them cooped up in an apartment since they need some room to wander. They also have a deep bark (which close neighbors may not love), but at heart, they’re gentle and loving. Just be sure to train and socialize them early, and prepare yourself for a puppyhood that lasts for a while as this breed is a little slow to mature.