Lab and Pointer Mix?

Is a pointer mix a good family dog?

Common Traits of Pointer Mixes. As breeds, they are intelligent, trainable, and very loyal, especially to their primary carers. … However, provided that you have lots of time for exercise, socialization, and positive training, a Pointer can make a great family pet.

How long do pointer Labs live?

10 – 15 years

How big do Pointadors get?

The weight of a Pointador ranges from 35 to 80 lbs and its height can be anywhere between 22 to 28 inches. The actual size will depend on genetics and which of the two parents the Labrador Pointer mix takes after.

What is the best breed to mix with a lab?

Golden Labrador. Parents: Golden Retriever x Labrador mix. ….Frenchie Labrador. Parents: French Bulldog x Labrador mix. ….Labmaraner. Parents: Weimaraner x Labrador mix. ….Lab Pointer. Parents: Pointer x Labrador mix. ….Greyador. Parents: Greyhound x Labrador mix. ….Labrador Corso. ….Boston Lab. ….Pugador.