Kaytee Clean and Cozy Bedding?

Keep your pet’s habitat dry and odor free with Kaytee Clean & Cozy Small Animal Bedding. Despite a reputation for being smelly, small pets are actually fastidious. Odor is often caused by poor quality bedding or infrequent habitat cleanings. Kaytee Clean & Cozy Small Animal Bedding is made from FDA-approved paper that is 20 percent more absorbent than other leading brands, 99 percent dust-free and guaranteed to control odor. Cover the habitat’s floor with 1-3 inches and change weekly.

Rabbit, Guinea Pig, Chinchilla, Gerbil, Hamster, Ferret, Mouse, Rat, Degu, Hedgehog, Sugar Glider

Is Kaytee clean and cozy good?

Clean AND Cozy. For a tiny bag, you get almost three times the size ! I think it’s better than carefresh by a lot. My hamsters love to burrow, so when they burrow it keeps the shape of the burrow, well, at least for a few minutes. It is so soft, which makes a great nesting material.

How long does Kaytee clean and cozy last?

A single 85L bag of clean and cozy can last 3 months or more.

Is Kaytee hamster bedding good?

Our Top Pick. The Kaytee Clean and Cosy Small Animal Bedding is definitely a great choice for hamsters. It is 99.9% dust free and does a wonderful job at controlling foul odors. There are no chemicals or dyes used, making it a safe option for your hamster.

Kaytee Clean & Cozy White small pet paper bedding gives you a whole new standard in super-soft, absorbent bedding. Clean & Cozy is soft and fluffy to encourage burrowing or nesting while absorbing two times more liquid than wood shavings. Clean & Cozy‘s absorbency means less odor. That’s why Clean & Cozy has an odor control guarantee. Plus Clean & Cozy is 99% dust free for a cleaner cage.