Jumping Spider for Sale?

Jumping Spiders Are Known For Their Quirky Personalities And Keen Eyesight Can Jump Up to 50 Times Their Body Length Native To North America, These Are Commonly Found In The Southeastern Regions Particularly Florida Small Species That Is Not Aggressive And Is Easy To Handle Foraging Species That Does Not Spin A Web To Capture Food With Proper Care And Setup This Species Can Live 3+ Years In Captivity

How much does a jumping spider cost?

The price of jumping spiders can range between $10 to $30 or more depending on their rarity. If you don’t mind paying for one, there are many communities where you can get in touch with these sellers.

Can you buy jumping spiders as pets?

It may surprise many people to learn that a growing number of people enjoy keeping jumping spiders as pets. … Native to North America, they are kept as pets worldwide because they are relatively large and very easy to care for.

How long does a jumping spider live?

The average lifespan of jumping spider is about one year. Spiders usually have a shorter lifespan, and some spiders may live more than two years.

Are jumping spiders aggressive?

How serious are jumping spiders? These spiders are not considered particularly harmful to humans, especially since the species tends to flee rather than attack. However, if threatened or crushed, jumping spiders will bite to defend themselves.

We are in the heart of Central Florida and have an 11 year obsession with these cute little spider pups. Our journey began with our beloved Buttercup, an orange phase Phidippus Regius we rescued from our mailbox when our postman quit delivering the mail out of fear. We took her in and absolutely fell in love.

Since jumping spiders are common throughout the United States, it is easy to just capture a wild spider in warmer weather. They can be found in almost every environment, even in cities.

In the winter it is harder to buy them since they are challenging to ship in the cold and most have breeding cycles dependent on the seasons.