Jack Russell Basset Hound Mix?

Are Jack Russell mixes good dogs?

Jack Russell terriers generally get along well with other canines. These tiny terriers are pretty gregarious dogs, making them a blast at the dog park. However, they also have a strong prey drive, which can cause problems for homes with cats. Russell terriers are smart dogs who are generally easy to train.

Are Jack Russell Terrier mixes aggressive?

No, Jack Russell’s are not aggressive. Jack Russell’s are much like other dog breeds. Boredom, lack of exercise or socializing with other dogs of the same sex can cause a Jack Russell to be aggressive.

What breed of dog goes well with Jack Russell?

Jack Russells are best suited to pair with more laid-back breeds such as Labradors and golden retrievers. These dogs will not mind the smaller dog taking control of the house. A golden retriever and Jack Russell are usually compatible, but Jacks have very strong personalities.