Irish Terrier Puppies for Sale?

Good Dog helps you find the Irish Terrier puppy of your dreams by making it easy to discover Irish Terrier puppies for sale near you. Search hundreds of Irish Terrier puppy listings from Good Dogs trusted Irish Terrier breeders and start the application process today. Originally bred as hunters, guard dogs, and family pets in rural Ireland these Terriers are loving, animated, and affectionate with their owners.

How much do Irish Terrier puppies cost?

Feeding guide for an Irish Terrier puppy. 2 months old – 153g to 181g depending on puppy’s build. 3 months old – 179g to 213g depending on puppy’s build. 4 months old – 191g to 229g depending on puppy’s build. 5 months old – 194g to 233g depending on puppy’s build.

Are Irish Terriers good family dogs?

Deeply loyal to their families, Irish Terriers make excellent family dogs who are playful and protective. They are wary of people they don’t know, but will take cues from their owner. ITs are known as ‘daredevils’ who rush bravely toward other dogs they deem a threat to their people.

Can Irish Terrier be left alone?

Irish Terriers don’t do well if they’re left alone for long periods, and are not happy as backyard dogs. Let him live as a member of your family or you might find yourself with a lonely, bored, noisy, and destructive nuisance instead of a happy, well-behaved companion.

How old is the Irish Terrier breed?

In 1875, the first Irish Terrier was introduced to the public and by the 1880s, it became the fourth most popular breed in England. And though people at the time considered it stylish to crop the terrier’s ears, the Irish Terrier Club of England would ban the practice in 1889.

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This site is a comprehensive, on-line resource for information about the Irish Terrier breed and the National Club. The ITCA promotes responsible ownership of Irish Terriers and encourages membership in the National and Regional Clubs.

We hope you enjoy our site with all the pictures of Glenstal dogs and puppies all over the world. Our intention is to display many of our beautiful show and pet Irish Terriers we have bred.

We do have Irish Terrier puppies for show or pet/companion homes. He received his first Group placement at 10 months old, thanks to judge Wyoma Clouss.

At 12 months old he received a Group 2 thanks to judge Fred Stephens again and at 13 months old, he received a Group 2 thanks to judge Virginia Lyne. Brannighan f irst show winning BOB

bohannon (l) brynda & breelyn (r)

Bohannon looking regal at 8 months; sisters always together


relaxing in Germany after showing at the World Dog Show in Finland (R) Berwyn 12 weeks


Ivonne Rangel handling Brynda 2018 (L) Bronwyn never took anything without permission (R)